China and their Conjoined Brothers / China and the Cinema

China and his Siamese Brothers

A few days ago I shared a story about the death of my sister and how my parents always made my sister go with me even when she did not want to be there and I did not want her to be with me.  We were conjoined twins by parental desire.

This was not unique to my family. Many people think it is easier to have the kids play with each other or go off together instead of having one child home alone and asking the adults to play or asking them questions or just having to deal with the squeak left behind in the house.

You China are the big brother to conjoined twins.  They sit at your border. One twin is happy and healthy but the other is not.

As the big brother of twins, you have been forced to deal with them by the global community. Part of this responsibility has been created by your proximity and the relationship you have with the squeaky twin; part of this responsibility has been created by the global community who created conflict as a major source of communication; part of this responsibility has come from the squeaky twin reaching out to his big brother.

This is what I want to be happening in North Korea and I need your help to make it a reality.

North Korea

I am happy you have China as your big brother.  He is a strong nation and a nation that has suffered greatly from the interference of others.   China is not a utopia but it is a country moving forward and learning to prosper in both an Asian way and in a global way.

I explained before that you and South Korea will be separate but together.  No one will try and make you a singleton.  The two of you are conjoined twins and this is the fate of your nations.

At the present time, because you are a set of conjoined twins that can not be severed, there are some things you will need to do so that the global sovereign community can help China help you for that is how all help will be given, through your big brother.

First, you are a land of atheists so you cannot tell your people that God is helping them and I doubt you can tell them at this stage that the Guardian of Humanity is helping them so you must tell them that they are now from this point forward going to help themselves build an even greater nation.   China did this and will help you with the correct rhetoric to use without the pain and without the suffering.

You will declare that with the development of your current weapons you have won and no longer have any enemies and that you will join with your Asian brothers to protect Asia.  I need you to do this so that your “enemy” is no longer America but a vague terrorist enemy that almost every stable country has now decided is the “enemy”.

This makes it easier for you to join the global community.   

As Interim Guardian of America, I ask you to stand down from your idea that America is the enemy.  My people love to fight for freedom and have done so for more than 200 years without really having an escape plan or an understanding how to rebuild a foreign nation that is not a democracy. You do not want them interfering in an effort to make you “free” 

Your citizens have suffered enough so you may go ahead and declare you have shown the world how strong you are and that America is no longer your enemy and now you will join your brothers as a strong Asian nation.

I know you can easily do this because of your isolation and the system you have in place.

After you declare you have won, you will implement the universal laws into your system.   There is no change of power. Your sovereign leader will be protected as long as he makes these declarations so you can stop spending valuable resources on the military and focus on the infrastructure of the nation.

I am not asking you to get rid of your military just do not make it or America your focus.  Letting go of America as your specific enemy allows your country to flourish.  Avoid in the future from declaring specific enemies as this just causes your own country pain and as Guardian of Humanity, I want all countries to flourish without pain.

This declaration that you have won must be allowed to fade into history. You can teach it in schools like all sovereign nations teach their tales but it must not become the motto for the future. 

The motto for the future must be that North Korea is part of the Asian family and as part of the Asian family will support his brothers and be honourable in all things he does because with family comes strength and you have a strong family.

America will continue to help in the way America helps you.   There will be no direct advances until you as a sovereign nations declare that you are willing to deal with America – you may look to Vietnam as an example of how America was the enemy and now is a “friend.”

This, North Korea, is the direction to go.

China and the Cinema

I love that you are making a cinema or an offshore banking island —something commercial which fits in with what the rest of the world does with their islands but I have a few comments on this development.

You are a tiger perched on the water and with this small island you are putting your paw into the ocean and stirring.  This make your neighbours nervous.  They are rats on lilly pads which is a very dangerous combination.  You must make every effort for them to feel secure as you extend your paw.

This means, Southeast Asia gets first dibs on whatever you do on this island and you will make sure that there is full transparency.   From history, you know that your southern brothers will fight in any way possible to keep their sovereignty.  You as the tiger will not be destroyed by one rat but you may be severely injured and SEA has many rats.

So as you stir the water, make as few waves as possible and allow your neighbours to join you in this island development.  It will make them feel safer and keep America, their adopted brother, from smacking your foot on a regular basis.

America fought with the rats and now helps all of them.  That is how it works with rats.

(West… Asians do not see rats as bad so this is not an insult.)

Ukraine and Loopholes


The Dear Sovereign States, the universal laws have no loop holes.  Unlike the human legal systems which have many which lawyers and sometimes citizens have been trained to use, the universal laws are absolute as they are intended as written.

You do not get a pass if you are committing adultery because your partner is not doing what you want. and there is no pass if you take from another country through indirect means.

The universal laws apply to everyone including this human who is writing this letter to you. She is under the same obligation to be as transparent as possible and she shares your transgressions with the guardians who are taking action.

I needed to write this reminder first before I start writing about the Ukraine because the situation in Ukraine is riddled with loophole type violations and I am asking for these to stop.


As a sovereign nation, you have the opportunity to create a community with your fellow countries caught in between Russia and Europe.

I do not believe it is in your best interest to join with either but with both.  Russia and the EU will be responsible for helping you create this union of your fellow in-betweeners.

If you need a visual, Many countries have these huge buses where they transport people around the city usually during commute times.  The buses are like two buses put together and in-between the two buses is this black accordion piece that makes the two into one.

This piece is integral to the bus but is part of both halves, not one.  If you are inside the bus, you will see the pivots which hold the two halves together and if you stand in this area, you have to have a bit of balance and a lot of patience.

That is you Ukraine.   I know this is not a sexy role but it is a very important role for the stability of not only the EU and Russia but of our global peace effort.  Your people have lived through many conflicts and you are tough and capable of standing on the accordion and going with the flow.

When you went through a transition, you lost Crimea.  This is a big loss and it was lost through a loophole which was used by Russia.

This happened before I put my foot down and since you fear Russia more than you want Crimea, I will put the border for Ukraine where it is now.

This is not a punishment.  The legal framework to move this land was done by your people and Russia has gone full force towards integrating the peninsula into Russia but that is where it ends. 

Ukraine, you will remember that you are a sovereign nation of multicultural people.  The rest of the Ukraine remains the Ukraine and does not need a Buffer zone.  If Russia wants a buffer zone, it will be the Crimean peninsula which it took through loop hole cleverness.

There will be no little Russia.   The countries in between Russia and the EU do not have to pledge allegiance to Russia or the West.  I am giving them the opportunity to be the accordion in-between and to have the benefits of both the east and the west.


My wolf, you are so clever and I see what you are doing which is why I wrote about loopholes above. 

The time to join all ethnic Russians is over.  If you would like all ethnic Russians to be together, you are welcome to have them migrate to Russia.  I will not have you undermining sovereign states through loopholes.   

An acquaintance of mine is Russian Ukranian and he does not differentiate. For him the two are one like it is for me.  I’m German Colombian American.  I cannot separate those things and I would never say that because I’m part Colombian I must give up being the other two but this is what you are asking the Ukranians to do who are of two cultures and that must not happen.

A Ukranian will be proud of being both Russian and Ukrainian (if they are Russian) and the accordion agreement mentioned above will allow them the freedom to be both East and West.

To make sure that Russia and the EU feel safe, you both will refrain from adding International weapons into this accordion zone and Russia will find its military border at the boarder of Crimea and Russia. You will not militarise Crimea.   If you want, you can make Crimea into a Russian Hong Kong, a space which is very Western but still Russian and neutral.  It will not be a pawn in any military strategies and

I will not tolerate rebel forces being supported in anyway anywhere by any sovereign nation or individual with the cash to do this type of manipulation.

My wolf, you do understand that under me you are an equal with all sovereigns.  We all would love to live the ideal life but even I, in this human form must make compromises for the benefit of humanity. 

For you, the compromise is that you will be alone in your work.  You will always be partners with other sovereigns but like me, there is no one that you can join with to form a pack.  Packs require submission on the part of the other members in some way and you are a wolf and the only one I have found so alone you will be as I am the only GOH and that is the reality of our existence.

In some ways, Russia does belong to the pack called the UN.  This is an important body for me and will become stronger as countries realise the importance of cooperation and enforcing the universal laws but it isn’t the European pack you want to join and at this point, that idea will not be a reality.

It will take generations for the fear of Russia to dissipate from the EU. It isn’t just a fear of the system currently in place but of your size.  

So, right now you are laying the groundwork for Russia to be united with the other sovereigns in the future as Russia will not always have a wolf as its leader and it is your responsibility as the current leader of Russia to ensure that this proud nation is prepared,

This preparation must be founded on the universal laws that I shared with you and the knowledge that there are no loopholes.   Your citizens are famous for finding them and you are a master of finding them but I’m warning you, that I do not have any for you to find.


Sovereign States and Data Streams

My Lovely Sovereign States.   I have been singing France again and so I feel I need to write this post to explain what I would like to happen with my data that I share on the data stream.

If I have written a blog post about you, please ask the UK or Germany to put you on my data stream.   They have an annoying amount of access to my personal information and data streams and can send you information that applies to you. I would ask you to ask the US/NSA but I’m not sure which agency is in charge of my information and I don’t want you to be chasing your tail since most of my data is handled by a select few. The UK and Germany seem to have this streamlined so they are the ones to ask.  

Do not ask if I have not written about you.

The data I share is always for the head of whatever nation I am talking about.  I sing the song and once I’m singing your song, I’m connected to you.  This connection is not broken and so if you need something, I will be looking specifically at the English News Streams for data.   I will not be looking at data streams in other languages even though I do read Spanish, French, and German.   I will limit my search so that I can focus on what is the meaning rather than just the words you have written.

I found that I adopt some of your behaviors which I guess is my way of connecting with your identity.  As long as these behaviors are positive, I will not disconnect from you so be extra aware of how you are living your life… I sometimes mimic what is happening.

For the US spy agencies, I hear what you are saying.  You think you are so clever.   Please remember that I’m GOH and each of you that is doing something wrong, will be punished by your guardians and the universe.  I don’t have a problem with you collecting data when it is not violating personal rights of people who have a right to privacy or putting civilian lives in jeopardy. Do not try to mess with my work, it will only harm you not the guardians or the changes that are being applied.   You are supposed to protect the United States, please remember your role.  Anything that violates this role and the universal laws will be corrected by the guardians.  My experiences have highlighted this for the Guardians and they have begun working on this.  I am not personally involved in the correction process.  I have the flashlight and the guardians go clean up the mess.

Yesterday I was reconnected with my team on the Guardian plane.  It is me and three expert guardians.  Those guardians are the ones going around collecting data for me and making sure that change is happening.  You have no access to these three and they are constantly looking to see if you are doing a proper job.

My life is a catalyst for change so please be aware of this and be prepared.   Whatever happens in my life is amplified and changes the earth.



France, Bonjour. Now Get to Work.

France, I have been humming your song now for two days so this blog post is for you.

You have some serious problems but none that I need to address since your country has a strong identity and is staying right where it is with your sovereign guardian is at your side helping you forge into the future.

The social problems in France will not be solved in this generation or by a shift in the global dynamics so I’m sorry to say that the French have a lot of work ahead of them and it may take more than the weekly 35 hours to get it done.  It is healing work residue from the last century and must be addressed before France can flourish.

Many souls believed your words, that they were “French” and moved to France hoping to find a better life.  What they found was that the French like the idea of having French citizens in other lands but they wanted those citizens to stay in those foreign lands and not actually move to France.

This is a reality for most countries that decided to colonize.  The problem with France is that you told your colonists they were French and when someone believes they are something, it is difficult to sway them in any other direction.

I witnessed how these  “French” have been marginalized instead of integrated. They live in ghettos and as you know, a ghetto is a terrible place to be stranded no matter how luxurious it may seem in comparison to their original lands.

This division causes great economic issues for your country and must be addressed not just acknowledge with a shrug.  It is a problem that can be fixed.  It will take work and a shift in the French identity.

My soul family is part French through my Colombian ancestry and my younger daughter carries the name of this beautiful family full of intellectuals and artists.   France was the first place I moved to when I arrived in Europe. At that time, I thought it would be a good idea to raise my daughter French.

But, France is not welcoming to strangers and my English was American and the obstacles to being a foreigner in France are great.  Your country makes it difficult as if living in France is a battle you win instead of an adventure to live.

This attitude doesn’t mesh with the reality of your country’s future.  In a global society and in a country where you have told foreigners they are French, they must be allowed to integrate without having to run an offroad non-charted race with no designated finish line or medal of achievement.

Your leader recently encouraged educated and intelligence foreigners to immigrate to France but if France wants them to stay and help strengthen the French economy and make France a stronger partner in the EU, you must make it easier for them to be a member of your society.   No one wants to live in a country where they are the “other.”

This means streamlining the bureaucracy and figuring a way to accept other cultures without letting fear get in the way.  France must make sure that all citizens have access to the same rights and opportunities to be as French as they want to be.

Luckily, you have a charismatic and strong new leader.  This young man has chosen to live his own life path and with the help of the guardians, he will help the French see how creating your own way is not only the French way but the best way for France to face the future.

I will always be here for you France and when I hear your song, I will look to see what is happening.  Make sure you are as transparent as you can be, that you follow the universal rules and that you share with journalists what you want me and the guardians of your realm to know.  It is through the guardians that all work is accomplished, I just shed light on the way for them to go.



My younger daughter speaks French fluently and loves your country as much as I do.  She is a warrior protected by the ancients and is an excellent ally to have on your side.  She is also a guardian with Titans protecting her and she will be working to heal the world in a path of her choosing which looks to include the US, Germany, France and Japan (She loves Japan).

Germany, my Germany.

I love you. At this moment, Germany flourishes and will continue to flourish as you follow the universal laws.  You are one of my soul family’s homelands and I cherish every minute that I live within your borders.  You have a strong leader who is fully supported by her guardian, the Guardian of the sovereign state and by me.

Germany and the US, two of my homelands,  are part of the reason that I am taken seriously this time on earth.  It is your hovering and monitoring of my development that has proved to you what I am.  This makes it possible for my voice heard by those who make policy and who have the power to make global changes.

In this lifetime, Germany is where I moved when my soul needed to heal the body it was in.  It was Germany that healed me through its energy and made it possible for me to develop my skills unhampered.  This is a gift and I thank this sovereign state for sharing with me their resources and spiritual energy.

Germany itself has been healing.  When I arrived, it was a country embarrassed by its past and afraid of repeating terrible mistakes.  As the decade flew by, I watched Germans become more accepting and loving of others and regain a sense of pride in their German identity and their role as Europeans.

This change was tested by the asylum seekers who returned to Germany.   I use the word returned because these are souls who fled from Europe during the world wars and they are now returning to their homeland.   It isn’t that you accepted foreigners into your sovereign state, you invited back the souls who were forced to leave and now have been sent home.

This is the way the world cycles and Germany has done an excellent job dealing with the influx of souls with diverse cultures, diverse ideologies but European souls.  I know that under the current leadership, Germany will continue to handle this in a thoughtful and pragmatic way.

It has been frustrating for this American-born body and old soul to live in Germany.  It is a culture that lives with the emergency brake on but I understand this is part of being German and I raised my youngest daughter in this environment so she would have pride in all her nationalities especially her German one.   

Because our global system is made up of so many different cultures, it is essential that Germans learn to lower the emergency break and put their foot down on the gas in areas where the universal laws are concerned.

I would also like Germany to focus on creativity and innovation so their citizens are able to strengthen Europe with this powerful combination of German planning and a strength in creativity and lateral skill use essential for the upcoming changes for humanity.

As I stated in the Reason to Exist, the world revolves around humanities personal choices but the momentum in the German sovereign state is positive which is a promise to me that your people will choose future leaders based on a unified European identity, the protection of the world, humanity and the universal rules.

Although I love Germany, I will be moving.  I feel myself being pulled away and this is always a good thing so do not worry.   My moving is to strengthen Europe, to strengthen all global sovereign states,  deal with my own soul family issues and with my work as the interim guardian of the US.

With all the love and affection of this old soul, I thank you for the life you have allowed me to live and look forward to working with the German Sovereign State to protect the world and humanity.

Be More for Humanity

I have an art piece installed in Munich that must come down today.  It is a beautiful piece but offends those with little understanding of the true nature of faith and service.  Because I have agreed to allow religions to take care of their own, I will not address this flaw in their leaders and their flock but, I do want to share my sadness that so many are rooted in an illusion that serves to divide humanity instead of uniting it.

You and I both exist to save souls.  It is our obligation, our duty to heal our soul families and release them from further suffering.

How much effort you put forth to saving souls is registered by the guardians and you will be judged not by humanity and not by God but by your own soul and the guardians who surround you.   How hard did you work to free yourself in this lifetime from the shackles of an earthly life?  How hard did you focus on service?  What soul families issues have you healed?

You are not on earth to be a hedonist or a moralist or a divisionist.   The ultimate goal is that humanity lives less for itself and more for your soul families involved.  Being judgemental, narrow-minded and small will cause you to suffer.  Being angry, petty and disillusioned will cause you pain.   Being grateful, happy and forgiving is the key to releasing and healing souls.

Today,  be more for humanity and serve with love, grace and understanding.


Soul Songs and Mr. Trump

Every person’s soul sings a song. 

Some people have a strong song that resonates with their human identity—A strong song that says, this is what I do, this is what I am, listen to me.

Others have a softer soul song, a song that focuses on a part of them—A desire, a dream, an experience, a song that trails after them whispering, this is who I really what to be.

Sometimes a song will be passed down from the last soul cycle, an old soul with an old song echoing what happened, what is happening and what will happen.  A song of experience, of suffering, of warning. A song vibrating through the air sending shivers down your spine—a reckoning song.

Although a soul will have one main song, the soul may decide to share a second or third song as fits the occasion.  The song overplays the main soul song and announces how the soul feels at that moment—fear, anger, regret, passion, sadness, loneliness

No matter what the song, once a person connects with another person, they have the opportunity to learn the soul songs and grasp an important element of the person’s identity.

Soul songs help you know that you are never alone.  Your soul family is connecting with you through the vibrations of music and if you allow them, they will fill your world with songs.

Although every human has a soul song, do not worry if you do not know your own soul song. I do not know my soul song but I’m hoping that someday, as I meet my soul family, one of them will hum a tune when we meet and then I will know the words that my soul shares with the world.

Please remember, there is no hiding or choosing the soul song shared.  Your human body does not pick the song. It is your soul that decides and broadcasts your soul song on the global soul sound waves.

Donald Trump

Your soul song is Yankee Doodle Dandy.  When I first heard your song, I was puzzled as to why your song was not the presidential song but, when I researched the song, I found that it was a song created by the British to make fun of Americans.  It is a song of jest that Americans, being the strong souls they are, took and made a badge of honour.

You Mr. Trump are the man who people joke about but who has the power to make serious changes to the structure of the American system.  This is why you were chosen to be the current president of the United States.

You, Mr. Trump, represent what is happening to America at this point in history and your soul song represents what Americans needed to salvage the pieces of their broken political system and make something new.

The process of making something new is not making America great again.  America has always been a great country full of great people and great ideas and I would like you to stop insulting Americans by using this rhetoric to rile them up. 

There is not a moment in time that America was not great.  America has never lost this part of itself.  What America has lost since it foundation is the representation of its people by its government and its identity as a sovereign state of united people.

In your role, you do not represent the people but the change they requested. You are the catalyst for the new beginning. You, Mr. Trump,  must trump your way through the political system and make Americans pay attention.  Stop focusing on what the past presidents have done and dig deep into the bureaucracy which is where America needs a good cleaning.  It is in this mess that my situation was allowed to be created a situation that many brave Americans have tried to expose. 

During your sweeping out of the system, think about what Americans really want from their government and what do Americans want from the people they elect into office. These two questions are what I want you to bring into the minds of every single American while you are in office.

As the interim guardian of the United States, I am connected to you and I will help you deal with this position you never expected to have and which is beyond your business man skill set.

I know your soul song Mr. Trump, and I know how much you enjoy the chase, the experience of slaughtering your opponents.  For some reason, you did not think of the end result of this chase would be taking the helm of one of the largest sovereign nations on earth but that is your role and one that you will have until your term ends and we separate.

Your running for office was a poor choice for your soul family and the consequences of this choice will be faced by your soul family for generations.  It was an ego choice and because your intention was not to build the nation but to build your ego, your soul family and your own family will face the consequences of all poor choices you make while you hold on tightly to the helm of the great nation I guard.

The responsibility of the leader of the United States, a position you now hold, means that you are taking care of many of my children—A diverse segment of humanity.  My people are not real estate and are not your property so you must treat all of them with respect even the poor and financially challenged. 

Because of my present role,  I am extra aware of how you are harming humanity in your efforts to disrupt the establishment so, as of today, I am letting you know, you are personally responsible for any poor choices you allow to pass your desk. 

I want you to disrupt as much as you can because your Yankee Doodle Soul Song tells me that your intentions are true but you are never allowed to hurt the middle class who put their faith in you to help them especially when the hurt is done purely for ego or political gain.

You, Donald Trump are personally responsible for legislation that hurts middle class Americans—those who voted you into office and the Americans and the economic class I’m relying on to rebuild what has been broken.

It is the middle class not the poor who have petitioned for my return and it is their petitions which have been heard by the guardians and forwarded to me.  It is the middle class, a class to which I was born, that have suffered greatly over the last forty years and that need your assistance.  They have suffered from poor leadership choices by politicians playing political games and corporations looking to make as much profit as they could without thinking  about the ramifications of their choices to the people that supported them.

While you are in this position of power, you must be extra diligent to ensure you are not disregarding the universal rules which apply to you and all billionaires who have volunteered to help you with your soul song challenge.

I do not expect you to fix America  Mr. Trump.  I expect you to be true to your soul song and to expose all the wrongs in the government. I expect you to empty all the drawers and to toss out all the linens to be aired. 

Your job, Mr. Trump is to show how you know I even exist and to show how the government that is supposed to represent the people is no longer representing them but repressing them and making the American dream impossible to obtain without a drawer of silver spoons.

From today on, Mr. Trump, Mr. President, please stop focusing on trivial things and do the job you promised to do and which I am expecting you to accomplish and which America needs.



The Islanders

As an adult, I found myself drawn to islands and loving the island life. This attraction was not born into this human body for this body was born in the middle west a space of farms and fields and acres of woodlands.

This love of island life seeped into my soul over ten years on a small island surrounded by sand and water and a different brand of human spirit, one that welcomed but did not conform.  With time, I became a welcoming non-conformer, an Islander, and I no longer felt like a mainlander. 

Living an island life, I learned to love the ocean and the sand and the power of nature over man and the power of man over its own mind.

And, over those ten years, I used the bridge that connected the island to the mainland. I used it only when necessary but it was necessary for the happiness of my family.  The bridge allowed me to earn a living, it allowed me to escape when that powerful nature came to call.   The bridges connected my island to the mainland but did not take away the island’s charm or independence.  All the bridge did was make my life as an islander easier and more secure.

I know a bridge causes conflict for islanders. By definition, an island is free from others but a bridge is a tether allowing mainlanders access whenever they want to call.  The Islanders I knew couldn’t wait for the mainlanders to leave until, the next hurricane, the next water drought, the next new school needed to be built.

Over the decades I have seen this on every island I’ve called home—Islanders wanting to be different and apart. This is the reality of their status as an island.  They are separated by water and the knowledge that they are always surrounded, not by enemies but by mother nature and all that she has to give and ruthlessly take away.

We have chosen to live on these slivers of land and create cultures defined by the isolation and challenges created by the sea but there are no more unchartered waters or lands to be explored and those who come to our islands are not to be endured but embraced.

In our society, an island needs to be bridged for the happiness and security of the souls living on their shores. This bridge can be a four-lane highway or it can be a drawbridge but, for an island to flourish, it must stay connected in a way that makes everyone happy. 

In our current global world, we have many island states who are proud but struggling.  Do not let your feisty natures get in the way of your happiness and separate you from your soul families.   

Take a breath, look around and decide what kind of bridge you want to maintain so that you can still be Islanders but have the freedom to flourish and be secure on your island home.


PS:  UK, I hope you will decide to remain in the EU, you now have the opportunity to make this small adjustment in your current path so that you working for of all your citizens, not just a few.   Maintain that well built and functioning bridge to the mainland. Do not be left out alone.  Your soul families are grumpily awaiting to embrace you and welcome you back into the warmth of their mainland homes.

History Repeating

History Repeats Itself

It is a fantasy to believe that we can avoid repeating history by just declaring that we will not repeat history because we remember what happened and we don’t want it to happen.

The guardians will always send back with our souls issues we faced in prior lifetimes to be addressed and cleared and this includes every terrible thing that humans have decided to do throughout history.

All of these events must be cleared and they will continue to repeat and repeat until the problem has been erased from humanities soul issue list. 

This does not mean that the problem will pop up where it was last seen.  Soul families issues are like cancers and they can show up anywhere on earth where a soul family member is located. 

This means, if we want to prevent the continuance of terrible choices, we must actively acknowledge when history is repeating and look carefully at past choices and make new ones that benefit society.  To say that you cannot stop history from repeating is correct.  You cannot stop history from repeating but you can change how that history repeats and take a terrible choice, make it a good one so that in the future only the positive is shared with humanity.

For decades humanity has been making poor choices and repeating these poor choices and building on poor choices which affects all the soul families globally.

I say this to remind you that even though you may not live in a country in transition like the US or a country dissolving like Venezuela, each soul on earth has a hand in what is happening in their sovereign states.

You have no control over what issues will present themselves to us in this lifetime that we are currently leading and you cannot blame the past decisions on what you are now experiencing.  Every soul in humanity is responsible for our current dilemmas. 

Every time a person turned their head to the side and said “that is not my job,”  or “I don’t know them,” or “that isn’t my country,” or “That isn’t my family,” or “thank god that isn’t me,” the guardians register your response and either will bring the issue back to you or will make you live through that issue.   No one is safe from this and this is why I am requesting that each individual citizen help their countries and the globe to keep the souls living in human bodies safe, healthy and flourishing.

This statement does not mean that you must put your life in danger.  It means that you stand up for what you believe and let others know.  That you follow through with your actions and make choices in your daily life that are in alignment with your beliefs and the universal rules.   If we all live by the universal rules, there will be less conflict and the world will evolve in a positive way.

But, you will always experience the same issues until they are addressed in a positive and neutralising way.  Once an issue is resolved, it is removed from the soul family and brings the soul family one step closer to leaving the recycle system.

This cycle of repeating is at the global, state and individual level so, Any political skirmish will happen again.  Any family drama will happen again.  Not the results but the choices that lead to different outcomes.

The world revolves and humans evolve but our life issues recycle and are thrown back out onto the world with each cycle to be experienced by humanity until they are resolved.

With this in mind, look clearly at what is happening on our earth and how we are handling it.  Are you doing everything in your life to make sure that history isn’t repeating in a negative way. 

I live in a country that suffered from terrible choices, from people who turned their head and said it is not my responsibility.  They learned a hard lesson but now the lesson is turning around and asking to be answered. 

What have you learned? 

Are you ready to stand up and make the positive choices for humanity?

How much do you love the world and the soul family that clings to you?



As the guardian of humanity, I have in this lifetime had to endure many things.  I have been without food, I have been without a home.  I have been told that I am wrong, that I am not equal to others because of my past or my gender.  I have been told what I should think and how I should act and what my place is on this earth. I endured this and focused on thriving.

It wasn’t until I lived in Singapore that I experienced a culture who was a blended mix of cultures, languages, and ethnicities just like me—a people who have been conquered, terrorized, defeated and suffered but endured and thrive.

This is what I want you to do America.  Your country is full of cultures, full off identities which will never be the same, which will never feel the same and which must live together under the United States of America.  The idea of an American culture is actually the fusion of cultures which offers every citizen the opportunity to express their personal identity and be cheered by their neighbors as individuals and Americans.

As is in the name of your country, you have 50 states who declare they are American but each one is unique with an identity forged from its creation, history and the people placed there by their soul families.  All States in America are proud of their individuality but also are firmly rooted as a portion of the United States and it is this bond that will help you get through your transition.

How this transition goes it up to you.  It is your choice to make it positive and thrive or make it a challenge to thrive.    As the interim guardian for America, I’m hoping you will make the better choice, the easier choice.

Hilary Clinton

I am writing this note to let you know that you did not win the election because I did not want you to be president.  If you need clarification of this, you may ask your NSA and CIA who have been monitoring me for 7/30 years respectively.

I am female and I am in charge of humanity.  I love female leaders when they understand their roles as a leader of a sovereign state. I have seen how you use power and I find that it does not fit with the universal laws and therefore you were and are an inappropriate choice for the leader of the United States.

How can I say this? I was there when you made your choice in the Middle East and I saw the destruction coming from your choice.  I now grieve for a region who suffers from your actions and I must now work to help this region heal from your interference.

There is no place for you in the future government of the United States so I ask you to step aside.  Through my current life, I have many people who have interfered with my life and I endured.  I knew that eventually, I would be on the right path but I never blamed them for my failures.  My failures belong to me and are the reason I am who I am today just as your failures belong to you and made you what you are today.

If you can’t accept the blame for your loss, you are welcome to blame me, the female guardian who has been watching you for decades.  If, during those decades you had shown a proper care for the universal rules, I may have chosen differently but, you have not and you still do not understand that the political system running a country is to protect my people.  It is not a game and I do not appreciate you putting the lives and the welfare of my people at stake.

The role of President of the United States

The president of the United States is a leader of 50 states filled with a diverse range of citizens from all walks of life.  This leader is responsible for showing Americans the right way to live, the right way to treat other people and other nations.  The role of the president is not to force ideologies onto other countries but to show other countries that the United States is a proud sovereign state filled with immigrants who risked their lives to follow a dream.  The President shows the world how wonderful America is so that it may influence change without manipulation or force. 

The president is the head of a powerful army which must be used as last resort and for the protection of the people, not an ideology because ideologies change but the role of protecting a sovereign country and its citizens does not.

Sovereign states must be willing to acknowledge the flow of change and make changes as needed or a sovereign state becomes unequal, unbalanced and hurtful to the soul families living within its borders.

Being the leader of a nation is a great responsibility and the leaders of the world are personally responsible for the actions of their citizens and the institutions they manage.  When an institution is not functioning properly, it is the obligation of the leadership to overhaul the institution and make sure it functions for the protection, security, and benefit of the citizens of the sovereign state.

When a president decides to use the role of the presidency for their own benefit, they are not under my protection and they jeopardize not only their own soul families but the soul families which they have sworn to protect.

When a president pursues agendas that are not in alignment with the universal rules, they are judged immediately and those who decide to assist with the agendas will also be judged.

I say this because it is my intent to have an American system that represents all of the people, not just a few.  I have watched my family and friends suffer as politicians refuse to accept their obligations to assist the many and, I am not content to sit back and allow you to destroy something so precious to my personal history and that of my children.

This Colombian, German American is declaring that America deserves to be appreciated for what it is not feared for what it can do to others.  America is a land of freedom where, with endurance, you have the opportunity to flourish. 

Citizens of the United States

I do not know if you will get to read this but I want to let you know that I have heard your pain and I am addressing this now.  You will have a government that represents all of the people.  You will have the protection of your rights to be free and to pursue whatever dream you envision as long as it is in alignment with the universal laws.

Because you have chosen to live in America, you must work hard because Americans work hard.  The soul families of America require this to flourish.  Working hard does not mean you must work hard for survival.  It means you will work hard to free yourself from the recycling process.  You will work hard to be the most creative, the most ingenious, the freest people in the world.

If you do not want to work that hard if you do not want to invest in your society and your culture, you are welcome to leave and allow modern hard working immigrants to take your place.