Soul Songs and Mr. Trump

Every person’s soul sings a song. 

Some people have a strong song that resonates with their human identity—A strong song that says, this is what I do, this is what I am, listen to me.

Others have a softer soul song, a song that focuses on a part of them—A desire, a dream, an experience, a song that trails after them whispering, this is who I really what to be.

Sometimes a song will be passed down from the last soul cycle, an old soul with an old song echoing what happened, what is happening and what will happen.  A song of experience, of suffering, of warning. A song vibrating through the air sending shivers down your spine—a reckoning song.

Although a soul will have one main song, the soul may decide to share a second or third song as fits the occasion.  The song overplays the main soul song and announces how the soul feels at that moment—fear, anger, regret, passion, sadness, loneliness

No matter what the song, once a person connects with another person, they have the opportunity to learn the soul songs and grasp an important element of the person’s identity.

Soul songs help you know that you are never alone.  Your soul family is connecting with you through the vibrations of music and if you allow them, they will fill your world with songs.

Although every human has a soul song, do not worry if you do not know your own soul song. I do not know my soul song but I’m hoping that someday, as I meet my soul family, one of them will hum a tune when we meet and then I will know the words that my soul shares with the world.

Please remember, there is no hiding or choosing the soul song shared.  Your human body does not pick the song. It is your soul that decides and broadcasts your soul song on the global soul sound waves.

Donald Trump

Your soul song is Yankee Doodle Dandy.  When I first heard your song, I was puzzled as to why your song was not the presidential song but, when I researched the song, I found that it was a song created by the British to make fun of Americans.  It is a song of jest that Americans, being the strong souls they are, took and made a badge of honour.

You Mr. Trump are the man who people joke about but who has the power to make serious changes to the structure of the American system.  This is why you were chosen to be the current president of the United States.

You, Mr. Trump, represent what is happening to America at this point in history and your soul song represents what Americans needed to salvage the pieces of their broken political system and make something new.

The process of making something new is not making America great again.  America has always been a great country full of great people and great ideas and I would like you to stop insulting Americans by using this rhetoric to rile them up. 

There is not a moment in time that America was not great.  America has never lost this part of itself.  What America has lost since it foundation is the representation of its people by its government and its identity as a sovereign state of united people.

In your role, you do not represent the people but the change they requested. You are the catalyst for the new beginning. You, Mr. Trump,  must trump your way through the political system and make Americans pay attention.  Stop focusing on what the past presidents have done and dig deep into the bureaucracy which is where America needs a good cleaning.  It is in this mess that my situation was allowed to be created a situation that many brave Americans have tried to expose. 

During your sweeping out of the system, think about what Americans really want from their government and what do Americans want from the people they elect into office. These two questions are what I want you to bring into the minds of every single American while you are in office.

As the interim guardian of the United States, I am connected to you and I will help you deal with this position you never expected to have and which is beyond your business man skill set.

I know your soul song Mr. Trump, and I know how much you enjoy the chase, the experience of slaughtering your opponents.  For some reason, you did not think of the end result of this chase would be taking the helm of one of the largest sovereign nations on earth but that is your role and one that you will have until your term ends and we separate.

Your running for office was a poor choice for your soul family and the consequences of this choice will be faced by your soul family for generations.  It was an ego choice and because your intention was not to build the nation but to build your ego, your soul family and your own family will face the consequences of all poor choices you make while you hold on tightly to the helm of the great nation I guard.

The responsibility of the leader of the United States, a position you now hold, means that you are taking care of many of my children—A diverse segment of humanity.  My people are not real estate and are not your property so you must treat all of them with respect even the poor and financially challenged. 

Because of my present role,  I am extra aware of how you are harming humanity in your efforts to disrupt the establishment so, as of today, I am letting you know, you are personally responsible for any poor choices you allow to pass your desk. 

I want you to disrupt as much as you can because your Yankee Doodle Soul Song tells me that your intentions are true but you are never allowed to hurt the middle class who put their faith in you to help them especially when the hurt is done purely for ego or political gain.

You, Donald Trump are personally responsible for legislation that hurts middle class Americans—those who voted you into office and the Americans and the economic class I’m relying on to rebuild what has been broken.

It is the middle class not the poor who have petitioned for my return and it is their petitions which have been heard by the guardians and forwarded to me.  It is the middle class, a class to which I was born, that have suffered greatly over the last forty years and that need your assistance.  They have suffered from poor leadership choices by politicians playing political games and corporations looking to make as much profit as they could without thinking  about the ramifications of their choices to the people that supported them.

While you are in this position of power, you must be extra diligent to ensure you are not disregarding the universal rules which apply to you and all billionaires who have volunteered to help you with your soul song challenge.

I do not expect you to fix America  Mr. Trump.  I expect you to be true to your soul song and to expose all the wrongs in the government. I expect you to empty all the drawers and to toss out all the linens to be aired. 

Your job, Mr. Trump is to show how you know I even exist and to show how the government that is supposed to represent the people is no longer representing them but repressing them and making the American dream impossible to obtain without a drawer of silver spoons.

From today on, Mr. Trump, Mr. President, please stop focusing on trivial things and do the job you promised to do and which I am expecting you to accomplish and which America needs.



The Islanders

As an adult, I found myself drawn to islands and loving the island life. This attraction was not born into this human body for this body was born in the middle west a space of farms and fields and acres of woodlands.

This love of island life seeped into my soul over ten years on a small island surrounded by sand and water and a different brand of human spirit, one that welcomed but did not conform.  With time, I became a welcoming non-conformer, an Islander, and I no longer felt like a mainlander. 

Living an island life, I learned to love the ocean and the sand and the power of nature over man and the power of man over its own mind.

And, over those ten years, I used the bridge that connected the island to the mainland. I used it only when necessary but it was necessary for the happiness of my family.  The bridge allowed me to earn a living, it allowed me to escape when that powerful nature came to call.   The bridges connected my island to the mainland but did not take away the island’s charm or independence.  All the bridge did was make my life as an islander easier and more secure.

I know a bridge causes conflict for islanders. By definition, an island is free from others but a bridge is a tether allowing mainlanders access whenever they want to call.  The Islanders I knew couldn’t wait for the mainlanders to leave until, the next hurricane, the next water drought, the next new school needed to be built.

Over the decades I have seen this on every island I’ve called home—Islanders wanting to be different and apart. This is the reality of their status as an island.  They are separated by water and the knowledge that they are always surrounded, not by enemies but by mother nature and all that she has to give and ruthlessly take away.

We have chosen to live on these slivers of land and create cultures defined by the isolation and challenges created by the sea but there are no more unchartered waters or lands to be explored and those who come to our islands are not to be endured but embraced.

In our society, an island needs to be bridged for the happiness and security of the souls living on their shores. This bridge can be a four-lane highway or it can be a drawbridge but, for an island to flourish, it must stay connected in a way that makes everyone happy. 

In our current global world, we have many island states who are proud but struggling.  Do not let your feisty natures get in the way of your happiness and separate you from your soul families.   

Take a breath, look around and decide what kind of bridge you want to maintain so that you can still be Islanders but have the freedom to flourish and be secure on your island home.


PS:  UK, I hope you will decide to remain in the EU, you now have the opportunity to make this small adjustment in your current path so that you working for of all your citizens, not just a few.   Maintain that well built and functioning bridge to the mainland. Do not be left out alone.  Your soul families are grumpily awaiting to embrace you and welcome you back into the warmth of their mainland homes.

History Repeating

History Repeats Itself

It is a fantasy to believe that we can avoid repeating history by just declaring that we will not repeat history because we remember what happened and we don’t want it to happen.

The guardians will always send back with our souls issues we faced in prior lifetimes to be addressed and cleared and this includes every terrible thing that humans have decided to do throughout history.

All of these events must be cleared and they will continue to repeat and repeat until the problem has been erased from humanities soul issue list. 

This does not mean that the problem will pop up where it was last seen.  Soul families issues are like cancers and they can show up anywhere on earth where a soul family member is located. 

This means, if we want to prevent the continuance of terrible choices, we must actively acknowledge when history is repeating and look carefully at past choices and make new ones that benefit society.  To say that you cannot stop history from repeating is correct.  You cannot stop history from repeating but you can change how that history repeats and take a terrible choice, make it a good one so that in the future only the positive is shared with humanity.

For decades humanity has been making poor choices and repeating these poor choices and building on poor choices which affects all the soul families globally.

I say this to remind you that even though you may not live in a country in transition like the US or a country dissolving like Venezuela, each soul on earth has a hand in what is happening in their sovereign states.

You have no control over what issues will present themselves to us in this lifetime that we are currently leading and you cannot blame the past decisions on what you are now experiencing.  Every soul in humanity is responsible for our current dilemmas. 

Every time a person turned their head to the side and said “that is not my job,”  or “I don’t know them,” or “that isn’t my country,” or “That isn’t my family,” or “thank god that isn’t me,” the guardians register your response and either will bring the issue back to you or will make you live through that issue.   No one is safe from this and this is why I am requesting that each individual citizen help their countries and the globe to keep the souls living in human bodies safe, healthy and flourishing.

This statement does not mean that you must put your life in danger.  It means that you stand up for what you believe and let others know.  That you follow through with your actions and make choices in your daily life that are in alignment with your beliefs and the universal rules.   If we all live by the universal rules, there will be less conflict and the world will evolve in a positive way.

But, you will always experience the same issues until they are addressed in a positive and neutralising way.  Once an issue is resolved, it is removed from the soul family and brings the soul family one step closer to leaving the recycle system.

This cycle of repeating is at the global, state and individual level so, Any political skirmish will happen again.  Any family drama will happen again.  Not the results but the choices that lead to different outcomes.

The world revolves and humans evolve but our life issues recycle and are thrown back out onto the world with each cycle to be experienced by humanity until they are resolved.

With this in mind, look clearly at what is happening on our earth and how we are handling it.  Are you doing everything in your life to make sure that history isn’t repeating in a negative way. 

I live in a country that suffered from terrible choices, from people who turned their head and said it is not my responsibility.  They learned a hard lesson but now the lesson is turning around and asking to be answered. 

What have you learned? 

Are you ready to stand up and make the positive choices for humanity?

How much do you love the world and the soul family that clings to you?



As the guardian of humanity, I have in this lifetime had to endure many things.  I have been without food, I have been without a home.  I have been told that I am wrong, that I am not equal to others because of my past or my gender.  I have been told what I should think and how I should act and what my place is on this earth. I endured this and focused on thriving.

It wasn’t until I lived in Singapore that I experienced a culture who was a blended mix of cultures, languages, and ethnicities just like me—a people who have been conquered, terrorized, defeated and suffered but endured and thrive.

This is what I want you to do America.  Your country is full of cultures, full off identities which will never be the same, which will never feel the same and which must live together under the United States of America.  The idea of an American culture is actually the fusion of cultures which offers every citizen the opportunity to express their personal identity and be cheered by their neighbors as individuals and Americans.

As is in the name of your country, you have 50 states who declare they are American but each one is unique with an identity forged from its creation, history and the people placed there by their soul families.  All States in America are proud of their individuality but also are firmly rooted as a portion of the United States and it is this bond that will help you get through your transition.

How this transition goes it up to you.  It is your choice to make it positive and thrive or make it a challenge to thrive.    As the interim guardian for America, I’m hoping you will make the better choice, the easier choice.

Hilary Clinton

I am writing this note to let you know that you did not win the election because I did not want you to be president.  If you need clarification of this, you may ask your NSA and CIA who have been monitoring me for 7/30 years respectively.

I am female and I am in charge of humanity.  I love female leaders when they understand their roles as a leader of a sovereign state. I have seen how you use power and I find that it does not fit with the universal laws and therefore you were and are an inappropriate choice for the leader of the United States.

How can I say this? I was there when you made your choice in the Middle East and I saw the destruction coming from your choice.  I now grieve for a region who suffers from your actions and I must now work to help this region heal from your interference.

There is no place for you in the future government of the United States so I ask you to step aside.  Through my current life, I have many people who have interfered with my life and I endured.  I knew that eventually, I would be on the right path but I never blamed them for my failures.  My failures belong to me and are the reason I am who I am today just as your failures belong to you and made you what you are today.

If you can’t accept the blame for your loss, you are welcome to blame me, the female guardian who has been watching you for decades.  If, during those decades you had shown a proper care for the universal rules, I may have chosen differently but, you have not and you still do not understand that the political system running a country is to protect my people.  It is not a game and I do not appreciate you putting the lives and the welfare of my people at stake.

The role of President of the United States

The president of the United States is a leader of 50 states filled with a diverse range of citizens from all walks of life.  This leader is responsible for showing Americans the right way to live, the right way to treat other people and other nations.  The role of the president is not to force ideologies onto other countries but to show other countries that the United States is a proud sovereign state filled with immigrants who risked their lives to follow a dream.  The President shows the world how wonderful America is so that it may influence change without manipulation or force. 

The president is the head of a powerful army which must be used as last resort and for the protection of the people, not an ideology because ideologies change but the role of protecting a sovereign country and its citizens does not.

Sovereign states must be willing to acknowledge the flow of change and make changes as needed or a sovereign state becomes unequal, unbalanced and hurtful to the soul families living within its borders.

Being the leader of a nation is a great responsibility and the leaders of the world are personally responsible for the actions of their citizens and the institutions they manage.  When an institution is not functioning properly, it is the obligation of the leadership to overhaul the institution and make sure it functions for the protection, security, and benefit of the citizens of the sovereign state.

When a president decides to use the role of the presidency for their own benefit, they are not under my protection and they jeopardize not only their own soul families but the soul families which they have sworn to protect.

When a president pursues agendas that are not in alignment with the universal rules, they are judged immediately and those who decide to assist with the agendas will also be judged.

I say this because it is my intent to have an American system that represents all of the people, not just a few.  I have watched my family and friends suffer as politicians refuse to accept their obligations to assist the many and, I am not content to sit back and allow you to destroy something so precious to my personal history and that of my children.

This Colombian, German American is declaring that America deserves to be appreciated for what it is not feared for what it can do to others.  America is a land of freedom where, with endurance, you have the opportunity to flourish. 

Citizens of the United States

I do not know if you will get to read this but I want to let you know that I have heard your pain and I am addressing this now.  You will have a government that represents all of the people.  You will have the protection of your rights to be free and to pursue whatever dream you envision as long as it is in alignment with the universal laws.

Because you have chosen to live in America, you must work hard because Americans work hard.  The soul families of America require this to flourish.  Working hard does not mean you must work hard for survival.  It means you will work hard to free yourself from the recycling process.  You will work hard to be the most creative, the most ingenious, the freest people in the world.

If you do not want to work that hard if you do not want to invest in your society and your culture, you are welcome to leave and allow modern hard working immigrants to take your place.

Universal Truths

When I moved to Europe, I realized that I didn’t know the truth about the world, I only knew the American version of this truth. As I moved around the world, I realized this problem is not unique. Each country has a way of expressing their reality and it is their personal truth.

Even now as we are globally connected with technology, it is in our nature to be with our families and we will work to be with a community where we can communicate our truths with full understanding. This communicating within sovereign borders may not always be understood by other sovereign states and their members— even if connected as soul families.

As the guardian, I have a global family and community which means my truth is all truths put together.  The Guardian writes a truth through her human body and hopes that her life experiences share it in a way that is globally understood.

Humanity is a combination of a human body and a soul and this means that information goes in but is filtered and when it is shared it is filtered again. Versions of the world’s truths, when lined up have a core truth and this is what I look for in humanity. 

The Guardian tries to dig down and find the soul’s version of the truths but, since she is in human form, she relies on writers and journalists and sovereign states to share their truths in an intelligent and fact-filled way.  The more we share the truths, the more opportunity we have to figure out what is the common truth for our nations.

For me as the Guardian, I know the universal rules are the basis of our release from recycling but, to live peacefully on this earth, we must be able to figure out our global truths for each situation so that we know what is important for all global citizens—this will help limit our conflicts and misunderstandings and foster cooperation and a better understanding of each individual.


When you changed systems, you received a new guardian who protects you and guides you to help your soul families. You were an empire and now a state based on a religion.  You squeezed your citizens like a vise as this process took shape but now have started to let go so they can flourish.  This is the way chosen by your soul families and the guardian honors your choices as long as you change your laws to align with the universal laws and do not harm humanity and other sovereign states.

I have been exposed to your culture through citizens living in Europe.  I know how beautiful your language is, your poetry and your artwork.   Your people that I have met are intelligent, hospitable and protective of their families. From these experiences, I know you have everything you need to grow a flourishing state and live in harmony with your neighbors.

This harmony will be achieved if you share your truth openly with other sovereign states, not in defiance but to educate them about your truth and reality. It is your responsibility as a relatively new nation to explain this truth in a way that other nations can understand.  As long as they do not understand your truth, there will be conflict and discord.

Please note, as an ancient culture with a relatively new guardian, I will not tolerate any activity that is disruptive to your neighbors or other nations who do not understand your truth.  As stated above, it is your responsibility to follow your faith in alignment with the laws and to make clear that your truth is based on the universal laws.   

As with all sovereign states, transparency is key and I encourage you to use this key to help maintain your fledgling nation built on an ancient culture and to help develop the universal truths for humanity.

Indigenous Land Rights

In theory, if we are going to use the argument of Indigenous land rights, all land on this planet belongs to the Universe and to the Guardian of Humanity.  In fact, since the guardian was on earth before the Universe, the land of the earth would belong to me.

I am not making this claim and because I am not enforcing my claim, I will not acknowledge any claim to land ownership from past man-made divisions of sovereign states by any country on earth.  We live in the present and you cannot take from your neighbors. This goes against the Universal laws so all taking will cause harm to yourself as leaders and your soul families.

Humanity is not on earth to own land or to conquer land. You are on earth to release yourselves from the recycling process. 

Colonization and wars have torn cultures apart and created havoc around the world.  This was a terrible result of man-made decisions even up to the last few years.   The guardians have watched these decisions being made and I am now requesting that the disputes be resolved with as little violence and loss of life as possible.

The Jewish people

Because one of the attempts to pass down the universal laws was to the Jews, there was a misunderstanding that the Jews were the chosen ones.  In fact, it was always and will always be humanity no matter what religion or ethnic groups are on the planet.  The guardian of humanity is in charge of protecting all of humanity not a specific ethnic or religious group.

Israel and Palestine

For centuries Palestinians and Jews lived together in relative peace and I would like this to be the future for these two cultures.

The Guardian has not deemed any one nation to have a protected status in land and because of the choices of the soul families involved, we are now finding two ethnic groups who used to live in relative harmony demanding rights to property.

The neighboring sovereign states have tried helping to relieve this issue but to no avail so now, I am with the help of your Guardians offering you three options to choose from so that the Jewish people and the Palestinian people may live again in relative harmony.

Israel, because of the decisions of your soul families, you are not able to make claims based on prior words from the Guardian.  Every choice made by your soul family has brought us to this present point in history so, my present words take precedence over any other writings from the past that are in conflict with what I am declaring.

Israel and Palestine shall decide together which of the following options they would like for their people.  The guardians who are watching over you are in agreement with these choices and we are allowing you to make the choice on how you will be living your futures in a global society dedicated to ending the recycling process.

Option 1.

You may develop two sovereign states with neither having possession of the City of Jerusalem.  If there are settlements in the territory of the other nation, those citizens will be allowed to retain ownership of their property and will have joint citizenship with both countries.

Jerusalem will become a global city similar to Hong Kong when it was leased by the UK.     The city of Jerusalem is precious to many religions and shall have a neutral status managed by an independent governing body elected by the people living within its borders.  The city state of Jerusalem will be protected by the Guardians and by the United Nations as a treasure and a symbol of humanities faith in the Universal Laws.

Option 2. 

Israel and Palestine fuse together to allow the free movement of people.  This works for Europe and this will work for your two sovereign states.

For many centuries you lived together and there is no reason you would not be able to pursue this option.   Your governments would be joined together through Treaties as the EU has achieved for European nations and your new united nation will alternate its symbolic head of state between the two sovereign states.  This system will be ruled by a legal system following the EU system and the capital of this united nation will be Jerusalem.

I would like the Israeli/Palestinian Army to protect this new state and a joint diplomatic branch to represent the fusion.  Both of your cultures know what it is to be persecuted and this knowledge must be used to protect your fused state and all of humanity.  From now on, any abuse of power by members of this united military/diplomatic systems will cause harm to the souls of both soul families not just one.

All of the citizens of both states have been abused and are hurting.  The guardian of humanity has  suffered emotional abuse in this lifetime and has healed and I hope that you will both take this opportunity to heal your wounds and live in harmony in a land you both love.

Please remember,  with these specific powers comes great responsibility for the Jewish and Palestinian people.  Both of you will be protecting you fusion state and demonstrating how different religions and ethnic groups can once again live in harmony in the birthplace of so many peaceful faiths.

This option is more complicated and requires talented statesmanship but it would be a better system for your citizens and the evolution of humanity.  As I stated before, dividing people or cities does not work and the guardians will work to find a balance.  This is your opportunity to create a man-made balance.

Option 3

You are welcome to be creative and to create an option based on the two above choices but you have been trying for decades and failing. I am letting you know that it is time for you to think of your citizens and your soul families.

No matter what you decide under this option, the city of Jerusalem shall remain whole and shall belong to the two nations or shall be set free and allowed to be an independent global city.

Please choose swiftly and wisely.  I am no longer willing to tolerate the pain you are causing to your soul families who are my children.

Please note that the global community will offer you their help. Please accept it when needed and allow prosperity and healing to enter your lands to reward you both for your faith in the Universal Laws.

Evolution of a Sovereign Nation

With the help of all sovereign states, it is possible for each sovereign state to maintain their independence, maintain the universal laws and share in the global community.

Because of man’s choices, there are quite a few sovereign states that shared a history and a culture but through ideologies have been divided. It isn’t easy for a country or a city to be divided.  These unnatural and forced divisions hurt humanity in so many ways when the divisions are not the desires of a population and their soul families.

Because of evolution, the populations of a divided sovereign state will form its own identity and this identity is honoured at the Guardian level.  It isn’t that the guardians want to tear a culture in half, these fractions and political conflicts are always caused by man’s choices and remain as issues with the soul families involved.  The guardians are always looking for ways to soothe the pain and heal these injuries and advance humanity at the same time.

For Koreans, they have, over the process of decades, been directed in two different paths and these paths have changed their citizens so they are no longer a united Korea.  This is a fact and must be honoured.   As with our earth, the choices we make cannot be taken back and made anew.

For Asians, colonisation was a detriment to their nations and in some cases to the cultures involved but for Korea, colonisation and then freedom did not give the citizens back one identity but created two.

This forced division is like a man made reef and over time it has become a part of the world.  An ugly truck has become a beautiful set of sculpture for divers to explore.

I have stated that isolation goes against the progress of humanity and must be removed.  This removal is not the removal of a sovereign state or the removal of an ideology.  We must respect what has been created and move forward evolving what is there into something that fits with the universal rules and the evolution of man.

N. Korea, when you speak with my wolf, I sing your song.  It is a song unfamiliar to my memory since my memories are from other parts of the world but, the melody floats beautifully around me and makes me smile.

The world is not a threat to you.  I love Americans but most of them are not even aware why there was a Korean war or why you exist the way you do.  Americans are a wonderful people but many do not dig into the past as they would rather enjoy the present or dream of the future.

Asians do not forget their past and I want you to honour your past but look towards the future.  With your participation in the Paris Accord, you demonstrate a desire to keep the world for your citizens and as a citizen of this world, I hope you will allow us to help you flourish.

The guardians do not ask you to join South Korea as a whole as this is no longer possible but we ask you to contemplate how you can move forward so that you are no longer so alone. Let the children of the once united state of Korea be united again as a family.

Please know that the guardian through her experiences in this life knows what it feels to be alone, to be vilified and disregarded.  I know what it is like to worry about a lack of food, a lack of security and a lack of proper friendships.  These worries do not have to be yours. Your people are my people and I want you to contemplate how we can work together from now on under the universal laws and as a global community.

From today forward, please do not shout at the world because you will be shouting at me. Help me and your sovereign guardian evolve N. Korea into a thriving and secure land so that souls may be released from recycling.

Your guardian is protecting you and will continue to protect you as the process of global evolution continues. Just remember from this day forward, your actions which do not align with the universal rules are judged against you and the soul families of North Korea.

Show the world how quickly an Asian nation can transform from a country of isolation to something so much more aligned with the needs of its people.  I know this is possible, your song tells me this and so does your history. 

Sovereign States and their Citizens

Your Guardian wants all of you to flourish and because I have been reading about leaders passing the buck, I feel I must address this behavior.

Leaders.  When you lead a sovereign nation, it is your duty to your guardian and to the guardian of humanity to protect the people in your charge and to make sure they are following the universal rules and acknowledging the borders between sovereign states. 

If for some reason, you were under the impression that was not your job, I am giving you notice, as of today, that it is your duty to ensure that your citizens are respecting the boundaries between nations, respecting each other’s cultures and that your citizens are not creating disturbances in other regions.


Now my dear Wolf.   Not only do I see your soul but I have your song in my heart and I sing it to keep tabs on you. Every soul on this planet has a song and your song is a very Russian song that tells me how you feel about your nation and your Russian self.

Your domain is watched by your guardian and by me.  You are a land of both worlds—the east and the west.  The ancient and the modern.  Your country has taken immense steps to bring a country of serfs and elitists closer to balance and your guardian is helping you in that aim.

I have studied your history, fallen in love with your art, and cried reading your literature but I need you to know that now is the time to stop wasting your energy on displays of strength or growling at the world.  We can see how big you are but I don’t want people to fear you. I want them to respect you.  There is a big difference and you deserve respect without fear.  Show the world how wonderful it is to Be Russian and how Russians are not only intelligent but diplomatic enough to exist symbiotically with both Europe and Asia.

Your people must know that their patriotism misdirected affects you personally.  As of today,  Every time your citizens do something violating the universal laws which is indirectly encouraged by your sovereign state, you as their leader will be judged by the guardians.  

 You are a wolf and I am a mother and we will both fight for what is ours. 

Let your people feel secure, happy and faithful.  Allow them to share their talents with the world.   Go find the resources in your land and rejoice in your riches but remember, those resources are for your citizens and the benefit of the sovereign nation.  Any misuse from this moment on, will bring misfortune to your soul family and to the lone wolf who leads them.

Take Note other Sovereign States. Today I am talking about Russia but, the statement applies to all of you.  Do not think you can pass off the actions of your citizens. You must teach the universal laws and ensure that your citizens understand the new sovereign dimension where crossing over the borders with ill intent, even through the internet, will bring grave consequences to their soul families involved and the sovereign state they call home.


Do not Interfere with a Transition or Transformation

When a sovereign state is dissolving or transforming do not interfere with the transition of power.  Only agencies who are working to ensure that the transition is fair are welcomed. (UN)


The Venezuela Guardians requested intervention at the Guardian level but it was obvious that the system was not worth saving and therefore the current system has been marked for dissolution.

It has come to my attention that financial institutions are injecting finances to assist the government to retain power.  This is not the time to profit from the anguish of this country and your manipulation is extending the transition time for the souls living in this region which extends the time they suffer.

This note is a declaration that no sovereign country shall be obligated to honour such a debt so do not make such an investment.

This is a debt of duress and created by a party that does not represent the people.  The sovereign state of Venezuela is transitioning from one form of government to another and this change will be decided by the soul family of the Venezuelans.

I am giving you notice that no institution that is “assisting” a sovereign state in a non-humanitarian way will be protected.  Because my example is the sovereign state of Venezuela, my example institution is Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs is closely affiliated with the US government and is using this relationship to profit.  Profit from the idea that they can purchase bonds created at a time of desperation and then possibly be reimbursed when financial aid is given to the country during reconstruction.  This may seem like a guaranteed payback to this institution but, I am letting you know it is a poor choice and under universal law is unenforceable.

All parties involved with this choice will be penalised and have already been judged.  This goes against the universal laws of taking and your soul families will suffer from your choices in this lifetime and the next.  Life on this earth is not a game with one loser.  When you lose, your whole soul family loses and you suffer in the recycle process.

For politicians, you must see that this is like insider trading.  Just because you are not a business does not make this a legal exchange of information.  Your role as politicians is to represent the people and protect the Sovereign state.  This above-mentioned transaction does neither.   You have been judged and will be watched.  Make sure your next choices are in alignment with the universal laws.



America, you are my responsibility. Your guardian has given me the keys and left the building. You are being reworked at the Guardian level so it is vital that you pay attention and with true intent let them know what you want through your actions.  America will be a different sovereign state when the new Guardian is appointed.   This is America’s chance to show the world how creative, strong and ingenious America can be and prove to the Guardians how much you love your country.

As I have said before, I am protecting humanity and I take this role seriously.  I will defend them from unjust, corrupt, improperly working political systems and their associated institutions.  My work is done at the Guardian level so there is no way for your to interfere with the process.

You are welcome to profit from helping humanity but when an institution/company/individual decides to hurt humanity on purpose for financial gain, then I am forced to address this both here on earth and through the guardians.   As I have said, your actions are being judged the moment you make them.  Think carefully before you hurt my people and your soul family.

Note: journalists and individuals who share the truth.  I am reading what you write. I am watching what you say and this information is taken into consideration as I work to rebuild the structure of the failing and failed sovereign states and create institutions that will strengthen humanity. I am gifted with the ability to know how you feel when you communicate so be careful what you decide to share and the intent behind the sharing.