Germany, my Germany.

I love you. At this moment, Germany flourishes and will continue to flourish as you follow the universal laws.  You are one of my soul family’s homelands and I cherish every minute that I live within your borders.  You have a strong leader who is fully supported by her guardian, the Guardian of the sovereign state and by me.

Germany and the US, two of my homelands,  are part of the reason that I am taken seriously this time on earth.  It is your hovering and monitoring of my development that has proved to you what I am.  This makes it possible for my voice heard by those who make policy and who have the power to make global changes.

In this lifetime, Germany is where I moved when my soul needed to heal the body it was in.  It was Germany that healed me through its energy and made it possible for me to develop my skills unhampered.  This is a gift and I thank this sovereign state for sharing with me their resources and spiritual energy.

Germany itself has been healing.  When I arrived, it was a country embarrassed by its past and afraid of repeating terrible mistakes.  As the decade flew by, I watched Germans become more accepting and loving of others and regain a sense of pride in their German identity and their role as Europeans.

This change was tested by the asylum seekers who returned to Germany.   I use the word returned because these are souls who fled from Europe during the world wars and they are now returning to their homeland.   It isn’t that you accepted foreigners into your sovereign state, you invited back the souls who were forced to leave and now have been sent home.

This is the way the world cycles and Germany has done an excellent job dealing with the influx of souls with diverse cultures, diverse ideologies but European souls.  I know that under the current leadership, Germany will continue to handle this in a thoughtful and pragmatic way.

It has been frustrating for this American-born body and old soul to live in Germany.  It is a culture that lives with the emergency brake on but I understand this is part of being German and I raised my youngest daughter in this environment so she would have pride in all her nationalities especially her German one.   

Because our global system is made up of so many different cultures, it is essential that Germans learn to lower the emergency break and put their foot down on the gas in areas where the universal laws are concerned.

I would also like Germany to focus on creativity and innovation so their citizens are able to strengthen Europe with this powerful combination of German planning and a strength in creativity and lateral skill use essential for the upcoming changes for humanity.

As I stated in the Reason to Exist, the world revolves around humanities personal choices but the momentum in the German sovereign state is positive which is a promise to me that your people will choose future leaders based on a unified European identity, the protection of the world, humanity and the universal rules.

Although I love Germany, I will be moving.  I feel myself being pulled away and this is always a good thing so do not worry.   My moving is to strengthen Europe, to strengthen all global sovereign states,  deal with my own soul family issues and with my work as the interim guardian of the US.

With all the love and affection of this old soul, I thank you for the life you have allowed me to live and look forward to working with the German Sovereign State to protect the world and humanity.

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