Reason to Exist – Introduction

If you are searching for answers, this book will give them to you. It is a guide for humanity written by the guardian of humanity who is currently on earth in human form. It is not a text for debate and it is not written with hidden meanings. This is a guide for the survival of humanity and the release of souls.

This book is written with the guidance of the recycle centre guardians who have asked for this information to be shared to make their jobs easier.

Humanity may use this book without the guidance of a spiritual leader but it is to be looked at by religions as a supplement to any religious books in circulation. This text takes precedence over anything that does not correlate with the information found inside and will be supplemented as the guardians continue to provide information to help humanity.

With great love, the guardians share this guide with you to the end of the soul recycle system which affects every single soul in a human body.

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The Guardian of Humanity is asking humanity for help to end the soul recycling process.
You are welcome to email her regarding the book.


The Islanders

As an adult, I found myself drawn to islands and loving the island life. This attraction was not born into this human body for this body was born in the middle west a space of farms and fields and acres of woodlands. This love of island life seeped into my soul over ten years on …

History Repeating

History Repeats Itself It is a fantasy to believe that we can avoid repeating history by just declaring that we will not repeat history because we remember what happened and we don’t want it to happen. The guardians will always send back with our souls issues we faced in prior lifetimes to be addressed and …