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A decade ago, I purchased the domain name “Reason to Exist” to cheer up a friend not realizing that I was the one who was going to write the reason for humanity to exist.

If you are searching for answers, this book will give them to you. It is a guide for humanity written by the guardian of humanity who is currently on earth in human form. It is not a text for debate and it is not written with hidden meanings. This is a guide for the survival of humanity and the release of souls.

This book is written with the guidance of the recycling centre guardians who have asked for this information to be shared to make their jobs easier.

Humanity may use this book without the guidance of a spiritual leader but it is to be looked at by religions as a supplement to any religious books in circulation. This text takes precedence over anything that does not correlate with the information found inside and will be supplemented as the guardians continue to provide information to help humanity.

With great love, this book is being shared to guide you to the end of the soul recycling process which affects every single soul in a human body.

Reason to Exist TOC





Guardian of Humanity


The Earth and Humanities Influence


Universal Rules


Steward for the Universe


Who is in Control?


Guardians and Humanity


Sovereign States


Religion and the Universal Laws




Gender and Race Equality


Science and the Protection of Humanity


Guardian Warning System


Soul Families and Soul Placement


Soul Imprint


A Soul’s To-Do List


Human Soul Recycling


Regional Recycling Centre


Pregnancy, Birth and the Soul


Space Colonisation and the Soul


Birth of a Human is not Birth of a Soul


Walk-In Souls


Mental Illness and the Soul


Soul Waiting Room


Soul Demotion


Faith and the Life Cycle


Life Cycle and Relationships


Life Purpose


Thoughts and their Energy


Word Energy


Your Wish is Not a Command


Petitions to the Universe


Time for Reflection


Helping Humanity and the Universe


Respect Life


Psychics and Intuitive Messages


Human Diet and Food Production


Evolution not Revolution

Chapter 2—Guardian of Humanity

Every single soul, sovereign state, institution, and organic creation on earth has a guardian. These guardians watch over earth and monitor and manage the evolution of humanity and the world.

The guardian of humanity (Guardian) is responsible for protecting humanity which is trapped in the recycling system.  This guardian as not created by the Universe but was present on earth when the Universe created humans and she volunteered to protect this specific creation.

As guardian of humanity it is her goal to ensure the continued survival of humanity on earth and to release souls from the recycling system currently in place.

The Universe has no authority over the guardian of humanity when she is outside of the human body but, when she agrees to be confined in a human form, she must follow the rules of the soul recycling system set by the Universe.

Recently, it was decided by the guardians involved with the soul recycling system that the guardian of humanity would explain the reason why humanity exists on earth, the universal laws and how humanity needs to protect itself and the earth on which it lives.

Because the guardian of the humanity is an entity not created by the Universe, she has control over certain aspects of the world.

Humans have given her many labels for the different things she helps with depending on how they have interacted with her through history and she has visited earth many times and always in the female form.

Because she protects humanity, the Guardian is sometimes associated with the goddess of war. Her aim is never to destroy a sovereign state or to encourage war but she will fight to keep humanity alive and she may be ruthless in this pursuit. It is the ruthlessness of a mother protecting a child. This ruthlessness may also come out when people are being treated unjustly according to the universal laws.

Because she brought life into the creations of the Universe, the Guardian is sometimes considered a fertility goddess and if you live near her on earth you will find her neighbourhood filled with the song of birth and creation. This fertility spreads to the sovereign state in which she resides and it will be prosperous.

The locations where she moves have been petitioned by the guardians overseeing each sovereign state and the guardian of humanity will go where she is drawn. Her place of residence will always be a place that needs healing. In the last three decades, she has lived in America, Asia and Europe.

Because she writes and communicates, the Guardian is labeled a messenger from God. The messages she shares are not from the Universe but from the Guardian herself and the guardians she works with in the soul recycling centre. Every message she shares will be to help humanity and the earth on which it lives.

The guardian of humanity knows death but she is not death and she does not work for death nor does she have any influence over death. If asked, death will answer her questions but the Guardian wants you to know that death is nothing to fear since he is only in charge of the human body not your soul.

Because the guardian of humanity can influence the weather and the environment, she is sometimes called Mother Nature but, she is not creating what is on earth. Everything on earth in a living biological form was and is created by the Universe. The Guardian only has the power to influence the environment on earth and she will do this for the survival of earth and humanity.

While the Guardian is in human form, her humanness gets intertwined with her ability to influence the world. This means that when she is threatened or feels fear or anguish, the world feels her pain in the form of storms and meteorological disturbances. In most instances, it is not intentional. It is a by-product of living in a human body and dealing with humanity.

The Guardian tries to keep her emotions under control but when she is pushed around her abilities may cause her to be toxic to the culprits who are doing her injustice according to the universal laws.

If you meet the human body of the Guardian, it is best to be as truthful as possible. The Guardian enjoys interesting people but does not enjoy having to dig for the truth and this is considered a deception and an injustice by the guardians.

The Guardian does not want you to worship her so she would prefer you do not to use a name from her past or a name used for an angel, you are welcomed to call her Reason, Guardian or Reverend.

The Universe left humanity in the hands of the Guardian and she works with an army of dedicated guardians who focus on helping the souls on earth and at the soul recycling centre.

Although the Guardian works to protect humanity and souls, the Universe is in control over the soul recycling process and your soul ascension/demotion.

Because the Guardian must work within the system set up by the Universe, she is here on earth asking for your assistance in protecting earth and the survival of humanity.

Chapter 3—Earth and Humanities Influence

The earth has a cycle. It is a cycle of life and rebirth. This cannot be stopped. Nothing on earth is stationary and if it is stationary it becomes stagnant so the recycling system will work to remove anything static or harmful to earth and humanity.

Every decision man makes influences and changes the earth. The guardians and the Universe are not concerned about this since they have provided man with all the tools necessary to survive the earth’s changes so all humanity needs to do is pay attention to their guardians and the advice they give.

If man is worried about the destruction of man-made things, then man must build systems to protect their man-made creations. The guardians will not protect man-made things from the Universe and the recycling system.

Arguing over what is happening to the earth is not helpful since something is always happening to the earth and to humanity. Right now the guardians are struggling a bit with humanity and this is being addressed by the Guardian as she lives on earth. To assist the Guardian, she does not want you wasting time trying to figure out if it is a natural evolution or humanity’s fault. Humanity must be proactive in adapting to the changes to the earth and saving humanity. 

In regards to the changes to the environment, it is man’s job to protect the people affected by the environmental changes by encouraging them to relocate or give them the proper resources to remain where they are.

Scientists and engineers are vital to this process. Scientists can explain what is happening and project the consequences to engineers who are then able to figure out ways to protect cities and whatever else man feels is important to protect.

The focus must not be on stopping global warming. This process has started and the behaviours and habits of humans will not be changed fast enough to be helpful.

Therefore, because the Guardian wants to protect humanity, she asks for you to prepare for the consequences. She asks this because the Guardian is unable to protect you from your own choices and the Universe can only mitigate the damage to the environment in which you live.

Because change in the environment will happen faster than man can change their habits, the Guardian would like you to look at the many ways that man can use the changing environment to your advantage. The outlook is not bleak. This is not a natural disaster. The environmental changes are part of the evolution of man and a transformation of earth.

Once a process has started, you cannot undo it. This is the cycle of earth and humanity. Humanity exists on earth and your decisions on earth change the earth and how you live on it.

The recycling centre is not panicking about global warming. They have been carefully recording your decisions and the consequences and changing the earth to deal with it. The guardians, entities and souls debate about what biological species need to remain or needs to mutate for the new environmental changes and regularly throws away ideas, species, objects that are considered no longer necessary for the earth.

This is done in a more advanced way than any human soul is able to do on earth. The Universe does not require man to deal with the loss of species but if you feel passionate about this, you are welcome to try and save a species from your choices that are leading to their demise. The Universe will save the species it feels are necessary for the survival of earth and will note what species you have focused on saving.

When the Universe needs assistance with their work, they send information to all of humanity in the form of energy and if a person is open, they will receive guidance from their guardians.

This information is always positive. It is always inspirational and it is always ideas that make humanity and human life on earth better.

The guardians will never share information that doesn’t help or protect humanity or the individual and, all ideas are presented to thousands of souls. The purpose of this behaviour is so that the idea becomes realised. If the guardians presented an idea to only one soul and that soul ignores the information or was berated for the information they shared, or the information was hidden away, humanity could be harmed.

The guardians know scientists who do not believe in a God or creation by a higher being such as the Universe. The Universe through the guardians will still try and send useful information to scientists no matter what their belief system, if they can help the earth and humanity. Guardians will assist scientists and engineers with ideas on how to deal with the consequences of large changes in the earth’s environment—all you have to do is ask and be open to receiving an inspirational answer.

Chapter 4—Justice

The guardian of humanity is an advocate and protector of humanity. In this role she acts very much like a lawyer and a judge at the guardian level and provides protection for human lawyers and judges who are defending the rights of humanity. 

The legal systems of the world are designed and administered by humans so the Guardian does not expect perfection in legal systems but she does expect a fair system that allows for a fair and just trial in a reasonable amount of time.

Politics does not belong in the judicial system and when it wanders its way in and tries to influence and alter what is an essential tool for a thriving sovereignty, the guardians take note and works to remove this influence through the soul families involved.

Currently, many legal systems have been manipulated to favour the wealthy who can afford to litigate for long periods of time, lawyers who are talented at showmanship and fact manipulation for personal gain.

The legal profession is not a game nor is it a place to become wealthy. If you would like to be wealthy choose to occupy your time in the development of new ideas. The legal profession is for the protection of man-made laws, the universal laws and humanity.

All citizens, wealthy, poor and in between, must have their rights protected and have the right to representation not just access to the legal system. The legal systems are currently too complicated for a citizen to access without proper representation which means the systems must alter to ensure proper access and proper representation for all citizens no matter of their economic status.