Chapter 1 – Humanity

The Universe created humanity from the organic materials found on earth. The two creations did not have life on their own until the guardian of humanity touched them and gave them life. The two humans were then released from the control of the Universe and at that moment man and woman obtained free will and the power to influence the development of humanity and the world.

Although humanity is loved by the Universe, humanity is not one with the Universe nor is humanity one with the guardians or even with each other. They are all individuals protected by guardians and entities who help humanity survive on earth. The guardians, entities and other beings involved with humanity, work to bring about the best outcome in every situation and mitigate terrible human choices.

Each human on earth is an individual connected to soul families of an unbelievable size which influence their lives. The guardians and humanity are unable to release the soul connection to these soul families so every choice made by every member influences the rest of the family and the termination of the soul recycling process.

Spiritual growth and evolution of humanity on earth is required to help fix the soul recycling process that has been created by free will. Through this book, the guardians are asking humanity for help to free human souls from the soul recycling dilemma on earth.