Chapter 3—Earth and Humanities Influence

The earth has a cycle. It is a cycle of life and rebirth. This cannot be stopped. Nothing on earth is stationary and if it is stationary it becomes stagnant so the recycling system will work to remove anything static or harmful to earth and humanity.

Every decision man makes influences and changes the earth. The guardians and the Universe are not concerned about this since they have provided man with all the tools necessary to survive the earth’s changes so all humanity needs to do is pay attention to their guardians and the advice they give.

If man is worried about the destruction of man-made things, then man must build systems to protect their man-made creations. The guardians will not protect man-made things from the Universe and the recycling system.

Arguing over what is happening to the earth is not helpful since something is always happening to the earth and to humanity. Right now the guardians are struggling a bit with humanity and this is being addressed by the Guardian as she lives on earth. To assist the Guardian, she does not want you wasting time trying to figure out if it is a natural evolution or humanity’s fault. Humanity must be proactive in adapting to the changes to the earth and saving humanity. 

In regards to the changes to the environment, it is man’s job to protect the people affected by the environmental changes by encouraging them to relocate or give them the proper resources to remain where they are.

Scientists and engineers are vital to this process. Scientists can explain what is happening and project the consequences to engineers who are then able to figure out ways to protect cities and whatever else man feels is important to protect.

The focus must not be on stopping global warming. This process has started and the behaviours and habits of humans will not be changed fast enough to be helpful.

Therefore, because the Guardian wants to protect humanity, she asks for you to prepare for the consequences. She asks this because the Guardian is unable to protect you from your own choices and the Universe can only mitigate the damage to the environment in which you live.

Because change in the environment will happen faster than man can change their habits, the Guardian would like you to look at the many ways that man can use the changing environment to your advantage. The outlook is not bleak. This is not a natural disaster. The environmental changes are part of the evolution of man and a transformation of earth.

Once a process has started, you cannot undo it. This is the cycle of earth and humanity. Humanity exists on earth and your decisions on earth change the earth and how you live on it.

The recycling centre is not panicking about global warming. They have been carefully recording your decisions and the consequences and changing the earth to deal with it. The guardians, entities and souls debate about what biological species need to remain or needs to mutate for the new environmental changes and regularly throws away ideas, species, objects that are considered no longer necessary for the earth.

This is done in a more advanced way than any human soul is able to do on earth. The Universe does not require man to deal with the loss of species but if you feel passionate about this, you are welcome to try and save a species from your choices that are leading to their demise. The Universe will save the species it feels are necessary for the survival of earth and will note what species you have focused on saving.

When the Universe needs assistance with their work, they send information to all of humanity in the form of energy and if a person is open, they will receive guidance from their guardians.

This information is always positive. It is always inspirational and it is always ideas that make humanity and human life on earth better.

The guardians will never share information that doesn’t help or protect humanity or the individual and, all ideas are presented to thousands of souls. The purpose of this behaviour is so that the idea becomes realised. If the guardians presented an idea to only one soul and that soul ignores the information or was berated for the information they shared, or the information was hidden away, humanity could be harmed.

The guardians know scientists who do not believe in a God or creation by a higher being such as the Universe. The Universe through the guardians will still try and send useful information to scientists no matter what their belief system, if they can help the earth and humanity. Guardians will assist scientists and engineers with ideas on how to deal with the consequences of large changes in the earth’s environment—all you have to do is ask and be open to receiving an inspirational answer.