Chapter 4—Justice

The guardian of humanity is an advocate and protector of humanity. In this role she acts very much like a lawyer and a judge at the guardian level and provides protection for human lawyers and judges who are defending the rights of humanity. 

The legal systems of the world are designed and administered by humans so the Guardian does not expect perfection in legal systems but she does expect a fair system that allows for a fair and just trial in a reasonable amount of time.

Politics does not belong in the judicial system and when it wanders its way in and tries to influence and alter what is an essential tool for a thriving sovereignty, the guardians take note and works to remove this influence through the soul families involved.

Currently, many legal systems have been manipulated to favour the wealthy who can afford to litigate for long periods of time, lawyers who are talented at showmanship and fact manipulation for personal gain.

The legal profession is not a game nor is it a place to become wealthy. If you would like to be wealthy choose to occupy your time in the development of new ideas. The legal profession is for the protection of man-made laws, the universal laws and humanity.

All citizens, wealthy, poor and in between, must have their rights protected and have the right to representation not just access to the legal system. The legal systems are currently too complicated for a citizen to access without proper representation which means the systems must alter to ensure proper access and proper representation for all citizens no matter of their economic status.