Be More for Humanity

I have an art piece installed in Munich that must come down today.  It is a beautiful piece but offends those with little understanding of the true nature of faith and service.  Because I have agreed to allow religions to take care of their own, I will not address this flaw in their leaders and their flock but, I do want to share my sadness that so many are rooted in an illusion that serves to divide humanity instead of uniting it.

You and I both exist to save souls.  It is our obligation, our duty to heal our soul families and release them from further suffering.

How much effort you put forth to saving souls is registered by the guardians and you will be judged not by humanity and not by God but by your own soul and the guardians who surround you.   How hard did you work to free yourself in this lifetime from the shackles of an earthly life?  How hard did you focus on service?  What soul families issues have you healed?

You are not on earth to be a hedonist or a moralist or a divisionist.   The ultimate goal is that humanity lives less for itself and more for your soul families involved.  Being judgemental, narrow-minded and small will cause you to suffer.  Being angry, petty and disillusioned will cause you pain.   Being grateful, happy and forgiving is the key to releasing and healing souls.

Today,  be more for humanity and serve with love, grace and understanding.


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