Soul Songs and Mr. Trump

Every person’s soul sings a song. 

Some people have a strong song that resonates with their human identity—A strong song that says, this is what I do, this is what I am, listen to me.

Others have a softer soul song, a song that focuses on a part of them—A desire, a dream, an experience, a song that trails after them whispering, this is who I really what to be.

Sometimes a song will be passed down from the last soul cycle, an old soul with an old song echoing what happened, what is happening and what will happen.  A song of experience, of suffering, of warning. A song vibrating through the air sending shivers down your spine—a reckoning song.

Although a soul will have one main song, the soul may decide to share a second or third song as fits the occasion.  The song overplays the main soul song and announces how the soul feels at that moment—fear, anger, regret, passion, sadness, loneliness

No matter what the song, once a person connects with another person, they have the opportunity to learn the soul songs and grasp an important element of the person’s identity.

Soul songs help you know that you are never alone.  Your soul family is connecting with you through the vibrations of music and if you allow them, they will fill your world with songs.

Although every human has a soul song, do not worry if you do not know your own soul song. I do not know my soul song but I’m hoping that someday, as I meet my soul family, one of them will hum a tune when we meet and then I will know the words that my soul shares with the world.

Please remember, there is no hiding or choosing the soul song shared.  Your human body does not pick the song. It is your soul that decides and broadcasts your soul song on the global soul sound waves.

Donald Trump

Your soul song is Yankee Doodle Dandy.  When I first heard your song, I was puzzled as to why your song was not the presidential song but, when I researched the song, I found that it was a song created by the British to make fun of Americans.  It is a song of jest that Americans, being the strong souls they are, took and made a badge of honour.

You Mr. Trump are the man who people joke about but who has the power to make serious changes to the structure of the American system.  This is why you were chosen to be the current president of the United States.

You, Mr. Trump, represent what is happening to America at this point in history and your soul song represents what Americans needed to salvage the pieces of their broken political system and make something new.

The process of making something new is not making America great again.  America has always been a great country full of great people and great ideas and I would like you to stop insulting Americans by using this rhetoric to rile them up. 

There is not a moment in time that America was not great.  America has never lost this part of itself.  What America has lost since it foundation is the representation of its people by its government and its identity as a sovereign state of united people.

In your role, you do not represent the people but the change they requested. You are the catalyst for the new beginning. You, Mr. Trump,  must trump your way through the political system and make Americans pay attention.  Stop focusing on what the past presidents have done and dig deep into the bureaucracy which is where America needs a good cleaning.  It is in this mess that my situation was allowed to be created a situation that many brave Americans have tried to expose. 

During your sweeping out of the system, think about what Americans really want from their government and what do Americans want from the people they elect into office. These two questions are what I want you to bring into the minds of every single American while you are in office.

As the interim guardian of the United States, I am connected to you and I will help you deal with this position you never expected to have and which is beyond your business man skill set.

I know your soul song Mr. Trump, and I know how much you enjoy the chase, the experience of slaughtering your opponents.  For some reason, you did not think of the end result of this chase would be taking the helm of one of the largest sovereign nations on earth but that is your role and one that you will have until your term ends and we separate.

Your running for office was a poor choice for your soul family and the consequences of this choice will be faced by your soul family for generations.  It was an ego choice and because your intention was not to build the nation but to build your ego, your soul family and your own family will face the consequences of all poor choices you make while you hold on tightly to the helm of the great nation I guard.

The responsibility of the leader of the United States, a position you now hold, means that you are taking care of many of my children—A diverse segment of humanity.  My people are not real estate and are not your property so you must treat all of them with respect even the poor and financially challenged. 

Because of my present role,  I am extra aware of how you are harming humanity in your efforts to disrupt the establishment so, as of today, I am letting you know, you are personally responsible for any poor choices you allow to pass your desk. 

I want you to disrupt as much as you can because your Yankee Doodle Soul Song tells me that your intentions are true but you are never allowed to hurt the middle class who put their faith in you to help them especially when the hurt is done purely for ego or political gain.

You, Donald Trump are personally responsible for legislation that hurts middle class Americans—those who voted you into office and the Americans and the economic class I’m relying on to rebuild what has been broken.

It is the middle class not the poor who have petitioned for my return and it is their petitions which have been heard by the guardians and forwarded to me.  It is the middle class, a class to which I was born, that have suffered greatly over the last forty years and that need your assistance.  They have suffered from poor leadership choices by politicians playing political games and corporations looking to make as much profit as they could without thinking  about the ramifications of their choices to the people that supported them.

While you are in this position of power, you must be extra diligent to ensure you are not disregarding the universal rules which apply to you and all billionaires who have volunteered to help you with your soul song challenge.

I do not expect you to fix America  Mr. Trump.  I expect you to be true to your soul song and to expose all the wrongs in the government. I expect you to empty all the drawers and to toss out all the linens to be aired. 

Your job, Mr. Trump is to show how you know I even exist and to show how the government that is supposed to represent the people is no longer representing them but repressing them and making the American dream impossible to obtain without a drawer of silver spoons.

From today on, Mr. Trump, Mr. President, please stop focusing on trivial things and do the job you promised to do and which I am expecting you to accomplish and which America needs.



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