France, Bonjour. Now Get to Work.

France, I have been humming your song now for two days so this blog post is for you.

You have some serious problems but none that I need to address since your country has a strong identity and is staying right where it is with your sovereign guardian is at your side helping you forge into the future.

The social problems in France will not be solved in this generation or by a shift in the global dynamics so I’m sorry to say that the French have a lot of work ahead of them and it may take more than the weekly 35 hours to get it done.  It is healing work residue from the last century and must be addressed before France can flourish.

Many souls believed your words, that they were “French” and moved to France hoping to find a better life.  What they found was that the French like the idea of having French citizens in other lands but they wanted those citizens to stay in those foreign lands and not actually move to France.

This is a reality for most countries that decided to colonize.  The problem with France is that you told your colonists they were French and when someone believes they are something, it is difficult to sway them in any other direction.

I witnessed how these  “French” have been marginalized instead of integrated. They live in ghettos and as you know, a ghetto is a terrible place to be stranded no matter how luxurious it may seem in comparison to their original lands.

This division causes great economic issues for your country and must be addressed not just acknowledge with a shrug.  It is a problem that can be fixed.  It will take work and a shift in the French identity.

My soul family is part French through my Colombian ancestry and my younger daughter carries the name of this beautiful family full of intellectuals and artists.   France was the first place I moved to when I arrived in Europe. At that time, I thought it would be a good idea to raise my daughter French.

But, France is not welcoming to strangers and my English was American and the obstacles to being a foreigner in France are great.  Your country makes it difficult as if living in France is a battle you win instead of an adventure to live.

This attitude doesn’t mesh with the reality of your country’s future.  In a global society and in a country where you have told foreigners they are French, they must be allowed to integrate without having to run an offroad non-charted race with no designated finish line or medal of achievement.

Your leader recently encouraged educated and intelligence foreigners to immigrate to France but if France wants them to stay and help strengthen the French economy and make France a stronger partner in the EU, you must make it easier for them to be a member of your society.   No one wants to live in a country where they are the “other.”

This means streamlining the bureaucracy and figuring a way to accept other cultures without letting fear get in the way.  France must make sure that all citizens have access to the same rights and opportunities to be as French as they want to be.

Luckily, you have a charismatic and strong new leader.  This young man has chosen to live his own life path and with the help of the guardians, he will help the French see how creating your own way is not only the French way but the best way for France to face the future.

I will always be here for you France and when I hear your song, I will look to see what is happening.  Make sure you are as transparent as you can be, that you follow the universal rules and that you share with journalists what you want me and the guardians of your realm to know.  It is through the guardians that all work is accomplished, I just shed light on the way for them to go.



My younger daughter speaks French fluently and loves your country as much as I do.  She is a warrior protected by the ancients and is an excellent ally to have on your side.  She is also a guardian with Titans protecting her and she will be working to heal the world in a path of her choosing which looks to include the US, Germany, France and Japan (She loves Japan).

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