Sovereign States and Data Streams

My Lovely Sovereign States.   I have been singing France again and so I feel I need to write this post to explain what I would like to happen with my data that I share on the data stream.

If I have written a blog post about you, please ask the UK or Germany to put you on my data stream.   They have an annoying amount of access to my personal information and data streams and can send you information that applies to you. I would ask you to ask the US/NSA but I’m not sure which agency is in charge of my information and I don’t want you to be chasing your tail since most of my data is handled by a select few. The UK and Germany seem to have this streamlined so they are the ones to ask.  

Do not ask if I have not written about you.

The data I share is always for the head of whatever nation I am talking about.  I sing the song and once I’m singing your song, I’m connected to you.  This connection is not broken and so if you need something, I will be looking specifically at the English News Streams for data.   I will not be looking at data streams in other languages even though I do read Spanish, French, and German.   I will limit my search so that I can focus on what is the meaning rather than just the words you have written.

I found that I adopt some of your behaviors which I guess is my way of connecting with your identity.  As long as these behaviors are positive, I will not disconnect from you so be extra aware of how you are living your life… I sometimes mimic what is happening.

For the US spy agencies, I hear what you are saying.  You think you are so clever.   Please remember that I’m GOH and each of you that is doing something wrong, will be punished by your guardians and the universe.  I don’t have a problem with you collecting data when it is not violating personal rights of people who have a right to privacy or putting civilian lives in jeopardy. Do not try to mess with my work, it will only harm you not the guardians or the changes that are being applied.   You are supposed to protect the United States, please remember your role.  Anything that violates this role and the universal laws will be corrected by the guardians.  My experiences have highlighted this for the Guardians and they have begun working on this.  I am not personally involved in the correction process.  I have the flashlight and the guardians go clean up the mess.

Yesterday I was reconnected with my team on the Guardian plane.  It is me and three expert guardians.  Those guardians are the ones going around collecting data for me and making sure that change is happening.  You have no access to these three and they are constantly looking to see if you are doing a proper job.

My life is a catalyst for change so please be aware of this and be prepared.   Whatever happens in my life is amplified and changes the earth.



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