Ukraine and Loopholes


The Dear Sovereign States, the universal laws have no loop holes.  Unlike the human legal systems which have many which lawyers and sometimes citizens have been trained to use, the universal laws are absolute as they are intended as written.

You do not get a pass if you are committing adultery because your partner is not doing what you want. and there is no pass if you take from another country through indirect means.

The universal laws apply to everyone including this human who is writing this letter to you. She is under the same obligation to be as transparent as possible and she shares your transgressions with the guardians who are taking action.

I needed to write this reminder first before I start writing about the Ukraine because the situation in Ukraine is riddled with loophole type violations and I am asking for these to stop.


As a sovereign nation, you have the opportunity to create a community with your fellow countries caught in between Russia and Europe.

I do not believe it is in your best interest to join with either but with both.  Russia and the EU will be responsible for helping you create this union of your fellow in-betweeners.

If you need a visual, Many countries have these huge buses where they transport people around the city usually during commute times.  The buses are like two buses put together and in-between the two buses is this black accordion piece that makes the two into one.

This piece is integral to the bus but is part of both halves, not one.  If you are inside the bus, you will see the pivots which hold the two halves together and if you stand in this area, you have to have a bit of balance and a lot of patience.

That is you Ukraine.   I know this is not a sexy role but it is a very important role for the stability of not only the EU and Russia but of our global peace effort.  Your people have lived through many conflicts and you are tough and capable of standing on the accordion and going with the flow.

When you went through a transition, you lost Crimea.  This is a big loss and it was lost through a loophole which was used by Russia.

This happened before I put my foot down and since you fear Russia more than you want Crimea, I will put the border for Ukraine where it is now.

This is not a punishment.  The legal framework to move this land was done by your people and Russia has gone full force towards integrating the peninsula into Russia but that is where it ends. 

Ukraine, you will remember that you are a sovereign nation of multicultural people.  The rest of the Ukraine remains the Ukraine and does not need a Buffer zone.  If Russia wants a buffer zone, it will be the Crimean peninsula which it took through loop hole cleverness.

There will be no little Russia.   The countries in between Russia and the EU do not have to pledge allegiance to Russia or the West.  I am giving them the opportunity to be the accordion in-between and to have the benefits of both the east and the west.


My wolf, you are so clever and I see what you are doing which is why I wrote about loopholes above. 

The time to join all ethnic Russians is over.  If you would like all ethnic Russians to be together, you are welcome to have them migrate to Russia.  I will not have you undermining sovereign states through loopholes.   

An acquaintance of mine is Russian Ukranian and he does not differentiate. For him the two are one like it is for me.  I’m German Colombian American.  I cannot separate those things and I would never say that because I’m part Colombian I must give up being the other two but this is what you are asking the Ukranians to do who are of two cultures and that must not happen.

A Ukranian will be proud of being both Russian and Ukrainian (if they are Russian) and the accordion agreement mentioned above will allow them the freedom to be both East and West.

To make sure that Russia and the EU feel safe, you both will refrain from adding International weapons into this accordion zone and Russia will find its military border at the boarder of Crimea and Russia. You will not militarise Crimea.   If you want, you can make Crimea into a Russian Hong Kong, a space which is very Western but still Russian and neutral.  It will not be a pawn in any military strategies and

I will not tolerate rebel forces being supported in anyway anywhere by any sovereign nation or individual with the cash to do this type of manipulation.

My wolf, you do understand that under me you are an equal with all sovereigns.  We all would love to live the ideal life but even I, in this human form must make compromises for the benefit of humanity. 

For you, the compromise is that you will be alone in your work.  You will always be partners with other sovereigns but like me, there is no one that you can join with to form a pack.  Packs require submission on the part of the other members in some way and you are a wolf and the only one I have found so alone you will be as I am the only GOH and that is the reality of our existence.

In some ways, Russia does belong to the pack called the UN.  This is an important body for me and will become stronger as countries realise the importance of cooperation and enforcing the universal laws but it isn’t the European pack you want to join and at this point, that idea will not be a reality.

It will take generations for the fear of Russia to dissipate from the EU. It isn’t just a fear of the system currently in place but of your size.  

So, right now you are laying the groundwork for Russia to be united with the other sovereigns in the future as Russia will not always have a wolf as its leader and it is your responsibility as the current leader of Russia to ensure that this proud nation is prepared,

This preparation must be founded on the universal laws that I shared with you and the knowledge that there are no loopholes.   Your citizens are famous for finding them and you are a master of finding them but I’m warning you, that I do not have any for you to find.


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