China and their Conjoined Brothers / China and the Cinema

China and his Siamese Brothers

A few days ago I shared a story about the death of my sister and how my parents always made my sister go with me even when she did not want to be there and I did not want her to be with me.  We were conjoined twins by parental desire.

This was not unique to my family. Many people think it is easier to have the kids play with each other or go off together instead of having one child home alone and asking the adults to play or asking them questions or just having to deal with the squeak left behind in the house.

You China are the big brother to conjoined twins.  They sit at your border. One twin is happy and healthy but the other is not.

As the big brother of twins, you have been forced to deal with them by the global community. Part of this responsibility has been created by your proximity and the relationship you have with the squeaky twin; part of this responsibility has been created by the global community who created conflict as a major source of communication; part of this responsibility has come from the squeaky twin reaching out to his big brother.

This is what I want to be happening in North Korea and I need your help to make it a reality.

North Korea

I am happy you have China as your big brother.  He is a strong nation and a nation that has suffered greatly from the interference of others.   China is not a utopia but it is a country moving forward and learning to prosper in both an Asian way and in a global way.

I explained before that you and South Korea will be separate but together.  No one will try and make you a singleton.  The two of you are conjoined twins and this is the fate of your nations.

At the present time, because you are a set of conjoined twins that can not be severed, there are some things you will need to do so that the global sovereign community can help China help you for that is how all help will be given, through your big brother.

First, you are a land of atheists so you cannot tell your people that God is helping them and I doubt you can tell them at this stage that the Guardian of Humanity is helping them so you must tell them that they are now from this point forward going to help themselves build an even greater nation.   China did this and will help you with the correct rhetoric to use without the pain and without the suffering.

You will declare that with the development of your current weapons you have won and no longer have any enemies and that you will join with your Asian brothers to protect Asia.  I need you to do this so that your “enemy” is no longer America but a vague terrorist enemy that almost every stable country has now decided is the “enemy”.

This makes it easier for you to join the global community.   

As Interim Guardian of America, I ask you to stand down from your idea that America is the enemy.  My people love to fight for freedom and have done so for more than 200 years without really having an escape plan or an understanding how to rebuild a foreign nation that is not a democracy. You do not want them interfering in an effort to make you “free” 

Your citizens have suffered enough so you may go ahead and declare you have shown the world how strong you are and that America is no longer your enemy and now you will join your brothers as a strong Asian nation.

I know you can easily do this because of your isolation and the system you have in place.

After you declare you have won, you will implement the universal laws into your system.   There is no change of power. Your sovereign leader will be protected as long as he makes these declarations so you can stop spending valuable resources on the military and focus on the infrastructure of the nation.

I am not asking you to get rid of your military just do not make it or America your focus.  Letting go of America as your specific enemy allows your country to flourish.  Avoid in the future from declaring specific enemies as this just causes your own country pain and as Guardian of Humanity, I want all countries to flourish without pain.

This declaration that you have won must be allowed to fade into history. You can teach it in schools like all sovereign nations teach their tales but it must not become the motto for the future. 

The motto for the future must be that North Korea is part of the Asian family and as part of the Asian family will support his brothers and be honourable in all things he does because with family comes strength and you have a strong family.

America will continue to help in the way America helps you.   There will be no direct advances until you as a sovereign nations declare that you are willing to deal with America – you may look to Vietnam as an example of how America was the enemy and now is a “friend.”

This, North Korea, is the direction to go.

China and the Cinema

I love that you are making a cinema or an offshore banking island —something commercial which fits in with what the rest of the world does with their islands but I have a few comments on this development.

You are a tiger perched on the water and with this small island you are putting your paw into the ocean and stirring.  This make your neighbours nervous.  They are rats on lilly pads which is a very dangerous combination.  You must make every effort for them to feel secure as you extend your paw.

This means, Southeast Asia gets first dibs on whatever you do on this island and you will make sure that there is full transparency.   From history, you know that your southern brothers will fight in any way possible to keep their sovereignty.  You as the tiger will not be destroyed by one rat but you may be severely injured and SEA has many rats.

So as you stir the water, make as few waves as possible and allow your neighbours to join you in this island development.  It will make them feel safer and keep America, their adopted brother, from smacking your foot on a regular basis.

America fought with the rats and now helps all of them.  That is how it works with rats.

(West… Asians do not see rats as bad so this is not an insult.)

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