As the guardian of humanity, I have in this lifetime had to endure many things.  I have been without food, I have been without a home.  I have been told that I am wrong, that I am not equal to others because of my past or my gender.  I have been told what I should think and how I should act and what my place is on this earth. I endured this and focused on thriving.

It wasn’t until I lived in Singapore that I experienced a culture who was a blended mix of cultures, languages, and ethnicities just like me—a people who have been conquered, terrorized, defeated and suffered but endured and thrive.

This is what I want you to do America.  Your country is full of cultures, full off identities which will never be the same, which will never feel the same and which must live together under the United States of America.  The idea of an American culture is actually the fusion of cultures which offers every citizen the opportunity to express their personal identity and be cheered by their neighbors as individuals and Americans.

As is in the name of your country, you have 50 states who declare they are American but each one is unique with an identity forged from its creation, history and the people placed there by their soul families.  All States in America are proud of their individuality but also are firmly rooted as a portion of the United States and it is this bond that will help you get through your transition.

How this transition goes it up to you.  It is your choice to make it positive and thrive or make it a challenge to thrive.    As the interim guardian for America, I’m hoping you will make the better choice, the easier choice.

Hilary Clinton

I am writing this note to let you know that you did not win the election because I did not want you to be president.  If you need clarification of this, you may ask your NSA and CIA who have been monitoring me for 7/30 years respectively.

I am female and I am in charge of humanity.  I love female leaders when they understand their roles as a leader of a sovereign state. I have seen how you use power and I find that it does not fit with the universal laws and therefore you were and are an inappropriate choice for the leader of the United States.

How can I say this? I was there when you made your choice in the Middle East and I saw the destruction coming from your choice.  I now grieve for a region who suffers from your actions and I must now work to help this region heal from your interference.

There is no place for you in the future government of the United States so I ask you to step aside.  Through my current life, I have many people who have interfered with my life and I endured.  I knew that eventually, I would be on the right path but I never blamed them for my failures.  My failures belong to me and are the reason I am who I am today just as your failures belong to you and made you what you are today.

If you can’t accept the blame for your loss, you are welcome to blame me, the female guardian who has been watching you for decades.  If, during those decades you had shown a proper care for the universal rules, I may have chosen differently but, you have not and you still do not understand that the political system running a country is to protect my people.  It is not a game and I do not appreciate you putting the lives and the welfare of my people at stake.

The role of President of the United States

The president of the United States is a leader of 50 states filled with a diverse range of citizens from all walks of life.  This leader is responsible for showing Americans the right way to live, the right way to treat other people and other nations.  The role of the president is not to force ideologies onto other countries but to show other countries that the United States is a proud sovereign state filled with immigrants who risked their lives to follow a dream.  The President shows the world how wonderful America is so that it may influence change without manipulation or force. 

The president is the head of a powerful army which must be used as last resort and for the protection of the people, not an ideology because ideologies change but the role of protecting a sovereign country and its citizens does not.

Sovereign states must be willing to acknowledge the flow of change and make changes as needed or a sovereign state becomes unequal, unbalanced and hurtful to the soul families living within its borders.

Being the leader of a nation is a great responsibility and the leaders of the world are personally responsible for the actions of their citizens and the institutions they manage.  When an institution is not functioning properly, it is the obligation of the leadership to overhaul the institution and make sure it functions for the protection, security, and benefit of the citizens of the sovereign state.

When a president decides to use the role of the presidency for their own benefit, they are not under my protection and they jeopardize not only their own soul families but the soul families which they have sworn to protect.

When a president pursues agendas that are not in alignment with the universal rules, they are judged immediately and those who decide to assist with the agendas will also be judged.

I say this because it is my intent to have an American system that represents all of the people, not just a few.  I have watched my family and friends suffer as politicians refuse to accept their obligations to assist the many and, I am not content to sit back and allow you to destroy something so precious to my personal history and that of my children.

This Colombian, German American is declaring that America deserves to be appreciated for what it is not feared for what it can do to others.  America is a land of freedom where, with endurance, you have the opportunity to flourish. 

Citizens of the United States

I do not know if you will get to read this but I want to let you know that I have heard your pain and I am addressing this now.  You will have a government that represents all of the people.  You will have the protection of your rights to be free and to pursue whatever dream you envision as long as it is in alignment with the universal laws.

Because you have chosen to live in America, you must work hard because Americans work hard.  The soul families of America require this to flourish.  Working hard does not mean you must work hard for survival.  It means you will work hard to free yourself from the recycling process.  You will work hard to be the most creative, the most ingenious, the freest people in the world.

If you do not want to work that hard if you do not want to invest in your society and your culture, you are welcome to leave and allow modern hard working immigrants to take your place.

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