Universal Truths

When I moved to Europe, I realized that I didn’t know the truth about the world, I only knew the American version of this truth. As I moved around the world, I realized this problem is not unique. Each country has a way of expressing their reality and it is their personal truth.

Even now as we are globally connected with technology, it is in our nature to be with our families and we will work to be with a community where we can communicate our truths with full understanding. This communicating within sovereign borders may not always be understood by other sovereign states and their members— even if connected as soul families.

As the guardian, I have a global family and community which means my truth is all truths put together.  The Guardian writes a truth through her human body and hopes that her life experiences share it in a way that is globally understood.

Humanity is a combination of a human body and a soul and this means that information goes in but is filtered and when it is shared it is filtered again. Versions of the world’s truths, when lined up have a core truth and this is what I look for in humanity. 

The Guardian tries to dig down and find the soul’s version of the truths but, since she is in human form, she relies on writers and journalists and sovereign states to share their truths in an intelligent and fact-filled way.  The more we share the truths, the more opportunity we have to figure out what is the common truth for our nations.

For me as the Guardian, I know the universal rules are the basis of our release from recycling but, to live peacefully on this earth, we must be able to figure out our global truths for each situation so that we know what is important for all global citizens—this will help limit our conflicts and misunderstandings and foster cooperation and a better understanding of each individual.


When you changed systems, you received a new guardian who protects you and guides you to help your soul families. You were an empire and now a state based on a religion.  You squeezed your citizens like a vise as this process took shape but now have started to let go so they can flourish.  This is the way chosen by your soul families and the guardian honors your choices as long as you change your laws to align with the universal laws and do not harm humanity and other sovereign states.

I have been exposed to your culture through citizens living in Europe.  I know how beautiful your language is, your poetry and your artwork.   Your people that I have met are intelligent, hospitable and protective of their families. From these experiences, I know you have everything you need to grow a flourishing state and live in harmony with your neighbors.

This harmony will be achieved if you share your truth openly with other sovereign states, not in defiance but to educate them about your truth and reality. It is your responsibility as a relatively new nation to explain this truth in a way that other nations can understand.  As long as they do not understand your truth, there will be conflict and discord.

Please note, as an ancient culture with a relatively new guardian, I will not tolerate any activity that is disruptive to your neighbors or other nations who do not understand your truth.  As stated above, it is your responsibility to follow your faith in alignment with the laws and to make clear that your truth is based on the universal laws.   

As with all sovereign states, transparency is key and I encourage you to use this key to help maintain your fledgling nation built on an ancient culture and to help develop the universal truths for humanity.

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