Indigenous Land Rights

In theory, if we are going to use the argument of Indigenous land rights, all land on this planet belongs to the Universe and to the Guardian of Humanity.  In fact, since the guardian was on earth before the Universe, the land of the earth would belong to me.

I am not making this claim and because I am not enforcing my claim, I will not acknowledge any claim to land ownership from past man-made divisions of sovereign states by any country on earth.  We live in the present and you cannot take from your neighbors. This goes against the Universal laws so all taking will cause harm to yourself as leaders and your soul families.

Humanity is not on earth to own land or to conquer land. You are on earth to release yourselves from the recycling process. 

Colonization and wars have torn cultures apart and created havoc around the world.  This was a terrible result of man-made decisions even up to the last few years.   The guardians have watched these decisions being made and I am now requesting that the disputes be resolved with as little violence and loss of life as possible.

The Jewish people

Because one of the attempts to pass down the universal laws was to the Jews, there was a misunderstanding that the Jews were the chosen ones.  In fact, it was always and will always be humanity no matter what religion or ethnic groups are on the planet.  The guardian of humanity is in charge of protecting all of humanity not a specific ethnic or religious group.

Israel and Palestine

For centuries Palestinians and Jews lived together in relative peace and I would like this to be the future for these two cultures.

The Guardian has not deemed any one nation to have a protected status in land and because of the choices of the soul families involved, we are now finding two ethnic groups who used to live in relative harmony demanding rights to property.

The neighboring sovereign states have tried helping to relieve this issue but to no avail so now, I am with the help of your Guardians offering you three options to choose from so that the Jewish people and the Palestinian people may live again in relative harmony.

Israel, because of the decisions of your soul families, you are not able to make claims based on prior words from the Guardian.  Every choice made by your soul family has brought us to this present point in history so, my present words take precedence over any other writings from the past that are in conflict with what I am declaring.

Israel and Palestine shall decide together which of the following options they would like for their people.  The guardians who are watching over you are in agreement with these choices and we are allowing you to make the choice on how you will be living your futures in a global society dedicated to ending the recycling process.

Option 1.

You may develop two sovereign states with neither having possession of the City of Jerusalem.  If there are settlements in the territory of the other nation, those citizens will be allowed to retain ownership of their property and will have joint citizenship with both countries.

Jerusalem will become a global city similar to Hong Kong when it was leased by the UK.     The city of Jerusalem is precious to many religions and shall have a neutral status managed by an independent governing body elected by the people living within its borders.  The city state of Jerusalem will be protected by the Guardians and by the United Nations as a treasure and a symbol of humanities faith in the Universal Laws.

Option 2. 

Israel and Palestine fuse together to allow the free movement of people.  This works for Europe and this will work for your two sovereign states.

For many centuries you lived together and there is no reason you would not be able to pursue this option.   Your governments would be joined together through Treaties as the EU has achieved for European nations and your new united nation will alternate its symbolic head of state between the two sovereign states.  This system will be ruled by a legal system following the EU system and the capital of this united nation will be Jerusalem.

I would like the Israeli/Palestinian Army to protect this new state and a joint diplomatic branch to represent the fusion.  Both of your cultures know what it is to be persecuted and this knowledge must be used to protect your fused state and all of humanity.  From now on, any abuse of power by members of this united military/diplomatic systems will cause harm to the souls of both soul families not just one.

All of the citizens of both states have been abused and are hurting.  The guardian of humanity has  suffered emotional abuse in this lifetime and has healed and I hope that you will both take this opportunity to heal your wounds and live in harmony in a land you both love.

Please remember,  with these specific powers comes great responsibility for the Jewish and Palestinian people.  Both of you will be protecting you fusion state and demonstrating how different religions and ethnic groups can once again live in harmony in the birthplace of so many peaceful faiths.

This option is more complicated and requires talented statesmanship but it would be a better system for your citizens and the evolution of humanity.  As I stated before, dividing people or cities does not work and the guardians will work to find a balance.  This is your opportunity to create a man-made balance.

Option 3

You are welcome to be creative and to create an option based on the two above choices but you have been trying for decades and failing. I am letting you know that it is time for you to think of your citizens and your soul families.

No matter what you decide under this option, the city of Jerusalem shall remain whole and shall belong to the two nations or shall be set free and allowed to be an independent global city.

Please choose swiftly and wisely.  I am no longer willing to tolerate the pain you are causing to your soul families who are my children.

Please note that the global community will offer you their help. Please accept it when needed and allow prosperity and healing to enter your lands to reward you both for your faith in the Universal Laws.

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