History Repeating

History Repeats Itself

It is a fantasy to believe that we can avoid repeating history by just declaring that we will not repeat history because we remember what happened and we don’t want it to happen.

The guardians will always send back with our souls issues we faced in prior lifetimes to be addressed and cleared and this includes every terrible thing that humans have decided to do throughout history.

All of these events must be cleared and they will continue to repeat and repeat until the problem has been erased from humanities soul issue list. 

This does not mean that the problem will pop up where it was last seen.  Soul families issues are like cancers and they can show up anywhere on earth where a soul family member is located. 

This means, if we want to prevent the continuance of terrible choices, we must actively acknowledge when history is repeating and look carefully at past choices and make new ones that benefit society.  To say that you cannot stop history from repeating is correct.  You cannot stop history from repeating but you can change how that history repeats and take a terrible choice, make it a good one so that in the future only the positive is shared with humanity.

For decades humanity has been making poor choices and repeating these poor choices and building on poor choices which affects all the soul families globally.

I say this to remind you that even though you may not live in a country in transition like the US or a country dissolving like Venezuela, each soul on earth has a hand in what is happening in their sovereign states.

You have no control over what issues will present themselves to us in this lifetime that we are currently leading and you cannot blame the past decisions on what you are now experiencing.  Every soul in humanity is responsible for our current dilemmas. 

Every time a person turned their head to the side and said “that is not my job,”  or “I don’t know them,” or “that isn’t my country,” or “That isn’t my family,” or “thank god that isn’t me,” the guardians register your response and either will bring the issue back to you or will make you live through that issue.   No one is safe from this and this is why I am requesting that each individual citizen help their countries and the globe to keep the souls living in human bodies safe, healthy and flourishing.

This statement does not mean that you must put your life in danger.  It means that you stand up for what you believe and let others know.  That you follow through with your actions and make choices in your daily life that are in alignment with your beliefs and the universal rules.   If we all live by the universal rules, there will be less conflict and the world will evolve in a positive way.

But, you will always experience the same issues until they are addressed in a positive and neutralising way.  Once an issue is resolved, it is removed from the soul family and brings the soul family one step closer to leaving the recycle system.

This cycle of repeating is at the global, state and individual level so, Any political skirmish will happen again.  Any family drama will happen again.  Not the results but the choices that lead to different outcomes.

The world revolves and humans evolve but our life issues recycle and are thrown back out onto the world with each cycle to be experienced by humanity until they are resolved.

With this in mind, look clearly at what is happening on our earth and how we are handling it.  Are you doing everything in your life to make sure that history isn’t repeating in a negative way. 

I live in a country that suffered from terrible choices, from people who turned their head and said it is not my responsibility.  They learned a hard lesson but now the lesson is turning around and asking to be answered. 

What have you learned? 

Are you ready to stand up and make the positive choices for humanity?

How much do you love the world and the soul family that clings to you?

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