Sovereign States and their Citizens

Your Guardian wants all of you to flourish and because I have been reading about leaders passing the buck, I feel I must address this behavior.

Leaders.  When you lead a sovereign nation, it is your duty to your guardian and to the guardian of humanity to protect the people in your charge and to make sure they are following the universal rules and acknowledging the borders between sovereign states. 

If for some reason, you were under the impression that was not your job, I am giving you notice, as of today, that it is your duty to ensure that your citizens are respecting the boundaries between nations, respecting each other’s cultures and that your citizens are not creating disturbances in other regions.


Now my dear Wolf.   Not only do I see your soul but I have your song in my heart and I sing it to keep tabs on you. Every soul on this planet has a song and your song is a very Russian song that tells me how you feel about your nation and your Russian self.

Your domain is watched by your guardian and by me.  You are a land of both worlds—the east and the west.  The ancient and the modern.  Your country has taken immense steps to bring a country of serfs and elitists closer to balance and your guardian is helping you in that aim.

I have studied your history, fallen in love with your art, and cried reading your literature but I need you to know that now is the time to stop wasting your energy on displays of strength or growling at the world.  We can see how big you are but I don’t want people to fear you. I want them to respect you.  There is a big difference and you deserve respect without fear.  Show the world how wonderful it is to Be Russian and how Russians are not only intelligent but diplomatic enough to exist symbiotically with both Europe and Asia.

Your people must know that their patriotism misdirected affects you personally.  As of today,  Every time your citizens do something violating the universal laws which is indirectly encouraged by your sovereign state, you as their leader will be judged by the guardians.  

 You are a wolf and I am a mother and we will both fight for what is ours. 

Let your people feel secure, happy and faithful.  Allow them to share their talents with the world.   Go find the resources in your land and rejoice in your riches but remember, those resources are for your citizens and the benefit of the sovereign nation.  Any misuse from this moment on, will bring misfortune to your soul family and to the lone wolf who leads them.

Take Note other Sovereign States. Today I am talking about Russia but, the statement applies to all of you.  Do not think you can pass off the actions of your citizens. You must teach the universal laws and ensure that your citizens understand the new sovereign dimension where crossing over the borders with ill intent, even through the internet, will bring grave consequences to their soul families involved and the sovereign state they call home.


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