Evolution of a Sovereign Nation

With the help of all sovereign states, it is possible for each sovereign state to maintain their independence, maintain the universal laws and share in the global community.

Because of man’s choices, there are quite a few sovereign states that shared a history and a culture but through ideologies have been divided. It isn’t easy for a country or a city to be divided.  These unnatural and forced divisions hurt humanity in so many ways when the divisions are not the desires of a population and their soul families.

Because of evolution, the populations of a divided sovereign state will form its own identity and this identity is honoured at the Guardian level.  It isn’t that the guardians want to tear a culture in half, these fractions and political conflicts are always caused by man’s choices and remain as issues with the soul families involved.  The guardians are always looking for ways to soothe the pain and heal these injuries and advance humanity at the same time.

For Koreans, they have, over the process of decades, been directed in two different paths and these paths have changed their citizens so they are no longer a united Korea.  This is a fact and must be honoured.   As with our earth, the choices we make cannot be taken back and made anew.

For Asians, colonisation was a detriment to their nations and in some cases to the cultures involved but for Korea, colonisation and then freedom did not give the citizens back one identity but created two.

This forced division is like a man made reef and over time it has become a part of the world.  An ugly truck has become a beautiful set of sculpture for divers to explore.

I have stated that isolation goes against the progress of humanity and must be removed.  This removal is not the removal of a sovereign state or the removal of an ideology.  We must respect what has been created and move forward evolving what is there into something that fits with the universal rules and the evolution of man.

N. Korea, when you speak with my wolf, I sing your song.  It is a song unfamiliar to my memory since my memories are from other parts of the world but, the melody floats beautifully around me and makes me smile.

The world is not a threat to you.  I love Americans but most of them are not even aware why there was a Korean war or why you exist the way you do.  Americans are a wonderful people but many do not dig into the past as they would rather enjoy the present or dream of the future.

Asians do not forget their past and I want you to honour your past but look towards the future.  With your participation in the Paris Accord, you demonstrate a desire to keep the world for your citizens and as a citizen of this world, I hope you will allow us to help you flourish.

The guardians do not ask you to join South Korea as a whole as this is no longer possible but we ask you to contemplate how you can move forward so that you are no longer so alone. Let the children of the once united state of Korea be united again as a family.

Please know that the guardian through her experiences in this life knows what it feels to be alone, to be vilified and disregarded.  I know what it is like to worry about a lack of food, a lack of security and a lack of proper friendships.  These worries do not have to be yours. Your people are my people and I want you to contemplate how we can work together from now on under the universal laws and as a global community.

From today forward, please do not shout at the world because you will be shouting at me. Help me and your sovereign guardian evolve N. Korea into a thriving and secure land so that souls may be released from recycling.

Your guardian is protecting you and will continue to protect you as the process of global evolution continues. Just remember from this day forward, your actions which do not align with the universal rules are judged against you and the soul families of North Korea.

Show the world how quickly an Asian nation can transform from a country of isolation to something so much more aligned with the needs of its people.  I know this is possible, your song tells me this and so does your history. 

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