Do not Interfere with a Transition or Transformation

When a sovereign state is dissolving or transforming do not interfere with the transition of power.  Only agencies who are working to ensure that the transition is fair are welcomed. (UN)


The Venezuela Guardians requested intervention at the Guardian level but it was obvious that the system was not worth saving and therefore the current system has been marked for dissolution.

It has come to my attention that financial institutions are injecting finances to assist the government to retain power.  This is not the time to profit from the anguish of this country and your manipulation is extending the transition time for the souls living in this region which extends the time they suffer.

This note is a declaration that no sovereign country shall be obligated to honour such a debt so do not make such an investment.

This is a debt of duress and created by a party that does not represent the people.  The sovereign state of Venezuela is transitioning from one form of government to another and this change will be decided by the soul family of the Venezuelans.

I am giving you notice that no institution that is “assisting” a sovereign state in a non-humanitarian way will be protected.  Because my example is the sovereign state of Venezuela, my example institution is Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs is closely affiliated with the US government and is using this relationship to profit.  Profit from the idea that they can purchase bonds created at a time of desperation and then possibly be reimbursed when financial aid is given to the country during reconstruction.  This may seem like a guaranteed payback to this institution but, I am letting you know it is a poor choice and under universal law is unenforceable.

All parties involved with this choice will be penalised and have already been judged.  This goes against the universal laws of taking and your soul families will suffer from your choices in this lifetime and the next.  Life on this earth is not a game with one loser.  When you lose, your whole soul family loses and you suffer in the recycle process.

For politicians, you must see that this is like insider trading.  Just because you are not a business does not make this a legal exchange of information.  Your role as politicians is to represent the people and protect the Sovereign state.  This above-mentioned transaction does neither.   You have been judged and will be watched.  Make sure your next choices are in alignment with the universal laws.



America, you are my responsibility. Your guardian has given me the keys and left the building. You are being reworked at the Guardian level so it is vital that you pay attention and with true intent let them know what you want through your actions.  America will be a different sovereign state when the new Guardian is appointed.   This is America’s chance to show the world how creative, strong and ingenious America can be and prove to the Guardians how much you love your country.

As I have said before, I am protecting humanity and I take this role seriously.  I will defend them from unjust, corrupt, improperly working political systems and their associated institutions.  My work is done at the Guardian level so there is no way for your to interfere with the process.

You are welcome to profit from helping humanity but when an institution/company/individual decides to hurt humanity on purpose for financial gain, then I am forced to address this both here on earth and through the guardians.   As I have said, your actions are being judged the moment you make them.  Think carefully before you hurt my people and your soul family.

Note: journalists and individuals who share the truth.  I am reading what you write. I am watching what you say and this information is taken into consideration as I work to rebuild the structure of the failing and failed sovereign states and create institutions that will strengthen humanity. I am gifted with the ability to know how you feel when you communicate so be careful what you decide to share and the intent behind the sharing.

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